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Deewar e Shab Episode-32 Review: Sitara Jahan is forcing Gaitee Ara to marry Bezaad

Sahir is recovering from his injuries

Deewar e Shab Episode-32 ReviewIn this episode Sitara Jahan is forcing Gaitee Ara to marry Bezaad - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Deewar e Shab the drama serial running on HUM TV is one of the most interesting drama serials. The play is based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel Deewar e Shab, who has also penned down the script as well. The story of the play revolves around courtesan Sitara Jahan and her life long struggles to keep her values and art alive in the contemporary world.

Sahir survives the fatal murder attack which has killed his most trusted person Siddiqui Sahab. Sahir is recovering his injuries but he has clearly understood that who is behind all this. He warns her stepmother too that Nabeel is dangerous for her as well. Nabeel, on the other hand, is still spending his time with Almas who thinks that he truly loves her when in reality he is just spending his time there and even Dildaar and Gulnaaz have realized too that Nabeel is not worth a shot.

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Bezaad sends a proposal for Gaitee Ara and Sitara Jahan thinks that it is the right man for her as Sahir has not contacted them for months if he is interested he should have at least called her and now for her Bezaad is the best prospect Gaitee Ara could ever have. Gaitee is not ready to accept this at all but her mother is forcing her. Gaitee faints when Bezaad puts a ring in her finger. Ustaad Sahab too is not happy with this proposal. Sahir calls Gaitee at her number but Shamaa ignores his call and she disconnects the telephone from the cable

Joya’s engagement with Ijaz is broken, Ijaz and his family say that they do not want to keep any relationship with a family who is involved in corruption. Joya is happy with that, it is shown that Javeria and Salman are very mean and selfish people. Poor Joya has to go alone at court to meet her father but Izhaar gets very mad to see his daughter coming alone in the court he snubs her and tells her to go away and to never come again at this place. Maaz see Joya in a lower-middle-class neighborhood.

It seems that Rabia is taking interest in Khayyam and she tries to find excuses to talk with him. Khayyam also does not seem much irritated to see her, it suggests that maybe he is liking her too. Khayyam visits Zartaaj for donations and she shamelessly demands media presence. There at her house, Khayyam sees Babu Bhai’s niece who is working there as a maid. Dildaar and Gulnaaz both are getting jealous over Nagina’s luck that her daughter is becoming a top heroine and other one is getting married to a top producer and a great businessman whereas Nabeel has nothing they clearly tell Almas not to attach any feelings with him.

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