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Deewar e Shab Episode-34 Review: Gaitee proves that she is not Feroza

Salaar comes and stops Gaitee's wedding

Deewar e Shab Episode-34 ReviewIn this episode Gaitee proves that she is not Feroza - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Deewar e Shab the drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel with the same title, is one of the most engaging drama serials running on HUM TV. The play is based on the life and struggles of Sitara Jahan and her family. In this episode, Gaitee Ara has proved that she is not Feroza and history is not being repeated.

Gaitee Ara meets Dildaar Khala in the middle of the night. Dildaar is all set to make Gaitee elope by giving her the keys of the back gate and she tries her best to tempt her to take this step by giving her attractive hopes about her future life. However, Gaitee Ara proves that she is not Feroza and she is definitely not going to repeat the history. She declines Dildaar khala’s offer by saying that she is not going to ruin her Nani and mother’s happiness even if she will have to sacrifice her own happiness.


Nagina coincidentally sees Gaitee talking with Dildaar and there Gaitee’s resolute refusal makes her feel proud of her daughter. She has proved that she is the daughter of Faiz Ali who is going to sacrifice her own happiness for her Nani and mother’s honor. When Gaitee is gone, Nagina confronts Dildaar Khala on her jealous and backstabbing. Nagina says that she wants to show her reality to her mother but she is not going to ruin her happiness so she is leaving her case to Allah.


Joya finally comes to visit Dadi, but she is still angry with Maaz. Maaz brings her tea but she is not ready to take that. She just wants to meet her Dadi. Maaz’s mother and Rabia enter the house and Maaz’s mother badly insults Joya. Maaz is really disturbed by her mother’s harsh behavior. Well, Maaz’s character has shown a negative transformation, she used to be a reasonable and decent lady but now what she is doing is not gelling in with her nature portrayed before. Maaz’s mother’s behavior with Izhaar’s family is a bit justified but why she is rudely behaving with Khayyam all the time and treating him like a servant?


Sandal has also become very arrogant and she starts looking down at Shaama and other girls. She is extremely happy about Gaitee marrying Bezaad. Sandal and the whole family are busy in arranging for Gaitee’s Nikkah ceremony when out of nowhere Salaar enters into the scene. He demands that he wants to talk with Nani and he says that he wants to marry Gaitee Ara. Will, he able to get his love?

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