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Deewar e Shab Episode-36 Review: Salaar beats Khayyam for humiliating Gaitee Ara

Khayyam is shocked to learn that Salaar respectfully marries Gaitee Ara

Deewar e Shab Episode-36 ReviewIn this episode Salaar beats Khayyam for humiliating Gaitee Ara - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Deewar e Shab the drama based on Aaliya Bukhari novel is one of the interesting and gripping serials running on HUM TV, having its 36th Episode, the story has not dragged a bit, in fact, it is getting more and more interesting. Shehzad Shaikh, Sara Khan, and Sheroze Subzwari are giving their best performances in the play.

The episode beings when the maid Chanda has gone mysteriously missing from the house, Zartaaj has instantly realized that Nabeel is behind her missing. However, it is really ugly of her that knowing Nabeel so well she is still supporting him in all his crimes just because he is her husband and it is a matter of her name. Salaar on the other side is successful in getting Sitara Jahan’s blessings.


Salaar brings Gaitee Ara to his house. Nabeel is looking at Gaitee e Ara with lusty eyes when Salaar snubs him for doing that. Salaar is being a very caring and loving husband. Zubi seems really hurt when she hears the news of Salaar’s marriage, she is already fed up with her husband and she has started thinking about Salaar but her marriage news has destroyed all her plans.


Joya is making her best to take care of her house and she also pays a visit to the court where his father pleads her not to come as the environment is not decent for girls. When Joya dares to ask Gul Appa to return her jewellery and dowry stuff, she creates a lot of hue and cry, Poor Joya is astonished at her reaction. Maaz on the other hand is trying his best to save poor Sajid who is hospitalized in a very critical condition. Joya comes to see Sajid and there she has realized that it is Maaz who has sent Sajid to help her out. Joya’s heart starts melting for Maaz.


Salaar and Gaitee’s path crosses with Khayyam, Gaitee goes towards him and tries to talk but Khayyam very badly insults her and humiliates her by calling her Baee on which he gets a really tight slap from Salaar. When Salaar tells him that Gaitee is now his wife then Khayyam blames him for eloping her on which Salaar gets mad and beat the hell out of him and he clearly tells him that he married Gaitee respectfully in presence of all family members and had their blessings. Khayyam is really shocked to hear that Gaitee is married and living a respectable life. It seems that Salaar has really slapped hard on his so-called stupid sense of pride and narrow mindedness.

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