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Deewar e Shab Episode 37 Review: Gaitee Ara is not safe at her husband’s place

Based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel Deewaar e Shab, is one of the most engaging drama serials running on HUM TV, having too many characters and subplots going on simultaneously. The highlights of this episode are; Yousuf Kamal meets Sitara Jahan, Salman is thrown out of the house by his wife as he was stealing her jewellery and Nabeel is eyeing Gaitee Ara.

Chanda is missing, later her dead body is found and buried by the authorities but it is identified that the girl was subjected to rape. Khayyam, by the way, is talking with Police and a friend where a Police officer discusses Chanda case and shows her picture. Khayyam instantly realizes that its Babu Bhai’s niece Chanda. He feels sorry for her.

Joya is struggling hard to support her father, her siblings are least concerned about their father. His father’s lawyer who appears to be a loafer instead of focusing on case is eyeing on Joya. He has even sent his proposal for her. Salman on the other hand is stooping so low that he is stealing Zubia’s jewellery sets, and when she and her mother catch him red-handed, Zubia throws him out of her house.

Gaitee Ara is very happy with Salaar, they attend a dinner at Yousuf Kamal’s house which is given in their wedding honor. Salaar very proudly introduces his wife telling Yousuf that she is grand daughter of famous artist Sitara Jahan which has shocked him. Yousuf curiously inquires about Sitara Jahan’s daughter Feroza and further about her son Khayyam which has disturbed Gaitee and she is wondering how come he knows Feroza.

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Yousaf Kamal meets Sitara Jahan and he seeks her forgiveness, telling her that he still love and miss Feroza and also that he badly wants to meet his son. Despite Nagina’s attempt of shooing him off, he keeps regretting his sins and asks their forgiveness. Sitara Jahan tells him that she herself have no idea where Khayyam is. She shows him Khayyam’s picture which he instantly recognizes as he has met him once, and at that time,  he was alarmed by hearing his name. His instincts were right then.

Nabeel is now eyeing Gaitee Ara, he comes in her way and says cheap stuff to her, Gaitee gets scared and she is not feeling safe at her own husband’s place. However, Gaitee does not discuss anything with her husband, but Salar is sensing that Gaitee is scared. Police come at Salar’s place for Chanda’s investigation and there they cross-questioned Nabeel and Zartaaj is showing attitude which is making them even more suspicious in front of Police.

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