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Deewar e Shab Episode 6 Review: Sitara Jahan brings up Feroza’s son

This week we saw some major developments in the play Deewar E Shab. Aliya Bukhari’s novel has been dramatized perfectly by Iqbal Hussain and it becomes a delight to watch onscreen. The best part about the drama is the perfect performances delivered by each cast member.

So, a few more years have passed by in a flick and we see that Feroza’s son Khayyam too is raised in Sitara’s house with the girls.

The episode begins when Sitara Jahan gets the news of Feroza’s death and receives her letter and her only boy Khayyam. Sitara vows that she will take care of her daughter’s son. Gaiti Ara soon mingles up with Khayyam and Nagina too welcomes him whole heartily but it looks like that the little boy detest their way of life from day one. It seems like Khayyam has inherited this hatred for courtesans from his father’s family and it is something in his blood. He even stops Gaiti from wearing ghungroos.


Nagina worked really hard, working as an extra and doing minor roles in the films but she has raised her daughters and Khayyam really well. Her daughters are studying in college and unlike other courtesans she has not yet put them in the singing and dancing business. Khayyam on the other hand turns out to be an arrogant young man who hardly cares for anyone excepts Gaiti and it seems like that he detests his grandmother’s house and their ways of life. He wants to take Gaiti away from this place, perhaps repeating history once again.


Nagina has turned out to be a bitter person, working her whole life like an extra has really broken her heart, she still has the thought that had Feroza not eloped from the house their financial status would have been much better. She in her heart keeps a grudge for the person with whom Feroza has eloped with and is resolute that she will never forgive him and will take Feroza’s revenge from him.


There is another sub plot going of the journalist Islam who helped Feroza. We’ve seen his family and that he had differences with his brother in the past.

So what will happen next is Deewar e Shab is something we’re waiting to see, because here is a drama that’s rather engaging without being extra preachy.

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