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Deewar-e- Shab Episode 8 Review: Khayyam and Gaiti are madly in love

An exquisite drama serial Deewaar e Shab is what has become our recent favorite. Another episode went on air and made us fall in love with Gaiti and Khayyam. Although we feel Khayyam’s thoughts about where he lives and their profession aren’t ideal or filled with gratitude as they should be, we like Shahroz Sabzwari in this angry young role.

So what happened in this week’s episode of Deewar E Shab? Read on to find out;

The episode begins with Khayyam forbidding Gaiti from learning music or dancing. He wants her to stay away from the world of courtesans and its ways. Khayyam detests courtesans way of living but he deeply loves Gaiti and want her to stay pure and innocent. Khayyam also does not like Gaiti to mingle with other courtesans particularly he hates when she goes at Khala Dildaar’s place.


Izhaar with his family except Joya visit the house of the girl his son Salman wants to marry and they get shocked to see their luxurious house. The family are super happy to learn that Salman’s choice is rich but they all get bit disappointed to see the rude and cold attitude of the girl and the family. The girl seems older than Salman and her mother seems not happy to meet Salman and his family but they half halfheartedly send sweets and fruits as a gesture of accepting the proposal. Salman’s family is super happy to see the generous amount of gifts and sweets they have sent except Joya who seems sad.


Joya really loves Maaz as he is her childhood fiance but it seems like Joya’s family is not going to approve their wedding as well. Maaz too likes Joya but he is a little reserved to express himself as he knows well his chacha and his family. There is a cute scene of Maaz and Joya where Joya expresses her feelings for Maaz and Maaz only tells her that he is waiting for the right moment to prove himself. Well Joya’s elder sister sees Joya with Maaz and she looks extremely mad at Joya.


Nagina is facing too much difficulties at work, she often gets humiliated at sets for being an extra and often Ustaad Sahab snubs her for not doing perfect dance steps, her only hopes are now her daughters. She expresses her desire to fix Gaiti’s marriage with Khayyam on which Ustaad Sahab and Sitara Jahan both agree and they decided that they will soon announce their engagement. Gaiti and Khayyam are extremely happy and are madly in love with each other but there is an evil eye watching them. Almas,  like her grand mother, too keep grudges for Gaiti. She envies Gaiti because she herself loves Khayyam although Khayyam hates her but she keeps challenging Gaiti or Khayyam over and over.

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