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Deewar e Shab Episode 9 Review: An evil eye is watching Khayyam and Gaiti

Although slow paced Deewar e Shab has developed its story line a bit. Khayyam and Gaiti are now getting engaged and this news has lit a fire in Almas’s whole existence. She writhing in jealousy and time is not far that she’ll strike with a plan of her own. With amazing direction, Deewar E Shab brings some brilliant performances by Bushra Ansari, Shahroz Subzwari, Sara Khan, Nousheen Shah and the rest of the cast. 

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Shehzad Shaikh’s character entered the play this week and it seems his character is going to play a very pivotal role in this play. The mysterious guy introduces himself to Khayyam telling him he can help him in his life. However, he too fails to move Khayyam’s heart.


Nagina is so ecstatic about Khayyam and Gaiti’s engagement that she is distributing sweets in the neighborhood. She takes the sweets to Dildaar house and is mocked. However, Nagina breaks the news of Gaiti and Khayyam’s engagement and also of Khayyam’s graduation on which Almas blows up like a mad girl saying that no one thinks about her marrying off as she is just like a money earning machine to her family.

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On the other hand, Joya’s sister creates a huge drama about Maaz dropping off Joya at home on his bike that even Izhaar too discusses it with his mother and Maaz’s mother insults them by saying that it was not a right thing to do. Furthermore she breaks Maaz and Joya’s childhood engagement too. Joya is not ready to accept this decision whereas Maaz is not showing any interest, it is like he was expecting all this but Joya clearly tells Maaz that she will fight for him and will not let him run from this fight too.


Almas protests in such a way that she refuses to perform. Dildar, who has already taken the money from the admirers finds herself amidst an argument because of Almas not performing. A huge crowd forms in the street but it is Khayyam who stops his nani (grandmother) from going outside and intervening. Khayyam has been seriously looking for a way out and intends to move as soon as he finds a job.

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