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Deewar e Shab Last Episode Review: Khayyam is forgiven and Poetic Justice Served!

All well that ends well

Deewar e Shab Last Episode ReviewIn this episode Khayyam is forgiven and Poetic Justice Served - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Deewar e Shab the drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel finally came to an end. The ending is very satisfying where all good ones are eventually rewarded and bad ones are punished. The play is beautifully executed, having too many characters and airing for a long time with 40 episodes, the play has not dragged a bit and it was one of the most engaging drama serials in the running on HUM TV. The whole team deserves applause on coming up with such good content.

Well, it feels like in this episode, all of sudden out of nowhere, things start turning around and everything is getting settled. First of all, Zartaaj has a sudden realization that Nabeel is not even sincere with her also, she catches him threatening Gaitee Ara and saying that he is so powerful that eventually he will get rid of Zartaaj too when she will be no use for him. Nabeel’s ugliness is revealed to her so she shoots him at their house.


Well with Nabeel’s sudden death everything starts settling. Dildaar in her fit of anger and frustration starts cursing Sandal as she thinks inviting her for the function is an ill omen for them because she thinks Nagina and her daughters are cursed. Sitara Jahan gets furious on hearing such nonsense about Sandal when she tries to defend, the truth slips from Dildaar’s tongue that she has deliberately invited her because Nabeel wants her to perform in front of Salaar so that he will eventually leave Gaitee. Sitara Jahan gets extremely mad on realizing that Dildaar has stooped so low in jealousy, she literally throws her out of the house.


Joya is in critical condition. Islam snubs his wife for being proud as according to him it is her pride and false ego which is destroying his children’s life. Islam’s wife seems ashamed of her past conduct. Maaz is extremely restless to see Joya in such a state, he visits her and when she gains consciousness, he expresses his concern and also that he truly cares and loves her.


Khayyam gets to know about his real father through Islam, he inspires him that forgiving is the best thing we humans can do to anyone so Khayyam accepts his father whole heartily and then Islam also suggests Khayyam to seek forgiveness from his Nani, Khala and Gaitee Ara. Islam lays great stress that it is those so-called respectable class that makes and supports the courtesans, we have no right of becoming self-righteous, no one has no right to decide who is wrong and who is right.

Zubi sends divorce notice to Salman, whereas Gul gets divorce too. Well, here it seems like everything started to happen all of a sudden, being the last episode of a long-running drama serial. Zubi very open heartily accepts Khayyam and advises her mother to open up her heart and accept him like Yousuf Kamal has accepted her as a true daughter. Khayyam is forgiven by everyone including Gaitee and Salaar.


Sandal has not been rewarded with anything, she is missing in the whole episode. Almas elopes with a street loafer leaving her Nani and mother in misery. Shirazi is not ready to give any work to Gulnaaz as she is aged. He tells them that they have no class like Sitara Jahan, she is soon getting a presidential award for her services. Yousuf Kamal expresses his desire to make Rabia his daughter in law, Islam accepts his proposal.

All is well that ends well. The play is all about “You Shall Reap What You Sow”. No matter what hindrances and struggles you face in your way you will win in the end. What an excellent play it was, with great performances, a solid storyline and brilliant execution.

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