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Dil e Momin Ep-46 & 47 Review: Momin is feeling remorse for mistreating Maya

Where has Maya gone?

Dil e Momin Ep-46 & 47 ReviewDil e Momin Ep-46 & 47 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

7th Sky Entertainment’s production Dil e Momin is 47 episodes down and still, there is no sign of a conclusion. The serial turned soap has taken a drastic turn with Momin’s sudden realization of his misconduct with Maya. In the previous episodes, we have seen Maya vanishing from Momin’s life. In the latest set of episodes, Maya is still out of the scene and we are wondering where has she gone?

We are really hating Momin for becoming such a hard-hearted person. Aashi and Momin’s mother and everyone else is telling him to forgive Maya for her past sins and to look for her but he is in no mood to forget what she has done with him nor he is ready to forgive her. It looks so odd that Momin’s mother suggests that Aashi forgets Maya and starts a new happy life.

Aashi is the most ungrateful and selfish person she reacts instantly to that advice as if she is already waiting for this. She starts dressing up, wearing Gajray. Never did she think about where the lone Maya has gone. Momin starts missing his Tahajud and Fajar prayers which makes him question what wrong he has committed? Molvi Sahab in his own way suggests that he has wronged Maya and he validates her character by telling him that all blessings in his life are associated with her.

The discussion with Molvi Sahab has disturbed Momin so much so that he is not giving proper time to his family and Aashi. However, his heart has not yet been cleared for Maya. We are really missing Maya (Madiha Imam) from the screen. Gohar meets Momin and he clears Momin’s heart for Maya by accepting that whatever bad he has done with him is his sole doing it has nothing to do with Maya she has never been partied to his evil plans, her heart is clear and she purely loves him.

Gohar’s apology has shaken Momin, he has realized how cruely he has wronged Maya! He desperately goes in search for her but he cannot find her anywhere? It makes us wonder where has Maya gone? It seems that some time has passed and Momin is still looking for her. His guilt is eating him up. He starts ignoring Aashi and she cannot bear this. She is kind of getting jealous to see Momin being so anxious and desperate to get Maya back. Aashi expresses her selfishness by saying that she cannot bear this punishment anymore and he gets a befitting reply from Momin telling her that then he has to bid her Goodbye like what Maya did to him? Momin is being rude here but doesn’t know why it felt like Aashi deserves this treatment too.

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