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Dil-e-Momin Episode-13 &14 Review: Aashi has missed her only chance

Aashi in front of Momin's father says that she has accepted Fakhar as her fate

Dil-e-Momin Episode-13 &14 ReviewDil-e-Momin Episode-13 &14 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dil-e-Momin the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment is down with another two episodes this week but the story has not moved a bit. In the previous episodes, Momin’s father is trying hard to convince Jameel of Momin and Aashi’s marriage. In this episode, it is shown that under immense pressure Aashi misses her only chance, and in front of Momin’s father accepts that she has accepted Fakhar as her fate.

Momin’s father talks with the Molvi Sahab and he especially selects the topic of daughter’s rights and the importance of her consent in the marriage on the Friday Sermon. Well, it seems by the expressions of Jameel that he is getting influenced by the sermon and it has affected him, had it been till here there might be chances that Jameel may overview his decision.

However this is not the case, Momin’s father has gathered neighbors to convince Jameel which in my opinion is quite a stretch. It seems that it has reversed Jameel’s emotions he is now persistent he tells the neighbors that her daughter is happy with his decision initially she was but now she has accepted his decision with whole heart anyone can go and ask her consent.

Molvi Sahab asks Jameel to go and seek Aashi’s consent in this matter. Aashi is already upset a day ago her father has threatened her mother that he will divorce her. Aashi is under immense pressure so when Momin’s father asks her for her consent, she fears her father says that she has accepted Fakhar as her fate. Momin’s father is heartbroken to hear this and Momin is even more broken when he hears this from his father. He fells ill and miss his class too. Maya on the other hand is overreacting to him for being absent.

Maya’s mother is having an affair with a guy which she later reveals is her cousin. Well if she is having an affair with a guy then why she is crying too hard on getting a divorce from Maya’s father. Maya’s mother wants her to get married as soon as possible so she can marry her cousin. She has given Maya permission to talk to Sir Momin so he can bring his proposal how can she ask her daughter to tell his teacher to bring his proposal it is wrong at so many levels! How many times Momin has shunned Maya’s advances but why she is in so much delusion?

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