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Dil e Momin Ep-36 and 37 Review: Momin disgraces the sanctity of Nikkah

Is Momin punishing himself or Maya?

Dil e Momin Ep-36 and 37 ReviewDil e Momin Ep-36 and 37 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dil e Momin the 7th Sky Entertainment production has gone totally into a different zone. Momin after his redemption and then restoration of reputation has still not achieved any greatness he is being a mere human who is flawed. In the previous episode, Momin’s mother convinces him to marry Maya. In this episode, Momin’s nikkah with Maya simply performed in the mosque. Momin has done so just to obey his mother’s orders otherwise he has not yet forgiven Maya by heart.

The narrative has turned wishy-washy with Momin’s so filmy stunt of going to Maya’s place and then taking her straight to the mosque and performing nikkah with her. He could have told his family about this decision too. Well, initially it seems that Momin’s heart has melted for Maya but no he has married her just to follow her mother’s wish or maybe to punish her or himself.

If Momin has done this Nikkah just to follow his mother’s wish or for punishing Maya Momin has disgraced the sanctity of a holy bond. Being a righteous and pious person is a huge flaw or sin on his part. If he is not giving Maya the status of his wife then he is sinning. Maya has fully redeemed herself she is hopelessly and madly in love with Momin.

Momin’s family is being really nice and caring towards Maya but Momin in no way is ready to forgive her. At moments it seems that he gets attracted towards Maya’s innocence and her simplicity, when he sees her praying or when he recalls what she says but he has labeled it as her hypocrisy. Momin is really made his heart hard. One reason for not giving Maya a chance can be that he is still passionately in love with Aashi. Aashi who has not shown his faith in him when he needed it the most.

On the other hand, Aashi has not told her parents the reality of her husband. They are unaware that he is living in Dubai leaving Aashi behind. They have finally found out that Fakhar had left Aashi on their wedding night.

Aashi in real terms does not deserve Momin because she has not stood for him when he needed her the most, she had doubted him. Well, Maya on the other hand has left everything behind for him, she has not even cared for her own reputation, she has sinned but gone well through the redemption process. Maya’s passion and her true love deserve Momin but if it is seen from a different angle Maya’s love is toxic and it is obsessive but since Momin has done nikkah with her Maya has got all rights on him and Momin cannot deprive her of those rights.


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