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Dil e Momin Ep-38 & 39 Review: Momin’s heart is melting for Maya

Will Aashi come in between Maya and Momin?

Dil e Momin Ep-38 & 39 ReviewDil e Momin Ep-38 & 39 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dil e Momin the 7th Sky Entertainment production at Geo Entertainment is 39 episodes down. The story could have been concluded by now but it is unfortunately dragged by repetitive flashbacks. Half of the episode is the new content and the rest are just the flashbacks. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Momin is not giving Maya her rights as a wife. In this week’s episodes, it emerges that Momin’s heart seems to start melting for Maya.

At the start of the episode, Momin is not ready to accept Maya as his wife nor ready to fulfill her rights. Momin is not aware of the fact that he is committing a huge sin by not respecting the sanctity of Nikkah. It is he who initiated and proposed Nikkah to Maya when she is about to leave the country so how come he disgrace the holy bond he has created even if he did that on his mother’s order.

Momin’s not accepting Maya as his wife is making sense as his heart still beats for his childhood love Aashi but he talking ill about Maya and calling their bond a “Saza” is what makes him flawed. Momin’s mother is telling him over and over to accept Maya. Maya has won everyone’s heart in the house and she has changed herself. She is trying to become someone who Momin likes.

Momin’s heart starts to change when the Molvi Sahab praises Maya for being a pure soul who loves Allah and wants to help His creatures. He says that he feels proud of himself for offering the Nikkah process to that girl. Momin tells Molvi Sahab that she is a hypocrite all she is doing is to entice him and he also tells him that she is the one who had accused him. Molvi Sahab convinces Momin that he has no right to judge anyone’s good deeds.

Momin starts looking at Maya from a different angle after Molana Sahab’s conversation. He sees Maya reciting Quraan with Tafseer. He starts liking her and his heart starts melting for her but he still needs time to fulfill her rights as a wife. In her Valima function, Momin is in a good mood and it is also Farri’s rukhsati. Aashi has not attended that function but she comes to know that Momin is happy with his Valima. Will Aashi come in between Momin and Maya? Momin has asked Maya to give him some time. Will Momin go back to his childhood love when he comes to know that Aashi is divorced? What will Maya do when she will hear about Aashi’s divorce? Interesting dilemma!

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