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Dil Kya Karay Episode 29 Review : Aiman’s heart is beating for Arman

Defying all odds Rabia marries Hassan


Rarely do we see a drama which clicks with the audience since the first episode. Feroze Khan’s plays have those quality. First it was Khaani and now it is Dil Kya Karay, an exquisite story of love, loss and finding happiness again. The drama, without being preachy, brings across subtle messages for the audience, a beauty Asma Nabeel possesses and gives through her pen. Couple that with Mehreen Jabbar’s direction plus the performance by each actor, you have a winner in Dil Kya Karay, a drama that has never failed to express in the 29 episodes it has been running for. 

So what went on in Dil Kya Karay this week, read on to find out;

The episode begins when Salman distributes the property papers to Aiman and Rabia, he has fairly divided his property and now the family is all set for Rabia’s wedding preparations. Defying all odds, all typical so called societal norms Rabia marries Hassan.

Rabia’s marriage has set an example that a woman’s life and happiness do not dies with her husband and she has all the rights to start up her life and find happiness. Aiman needs to learn a lesson from Rabia marriage and perhaps she will.


Rabia is very happy in her new life as Hassan’s daughter has too heartily accepts their wedding and is on friendly terms with Rabia. Most importantly  Hassan loves Rabia for what she is and he does not have any intentions of changing her. Romaisa also wishes her well on her weddingm happy that traditions are changing. She also wishes Aiman all well and begs her to marry Arman.


Aiman is confused about taking any step, she thinks that by doing so she will be betraying Saadi. She really likes Arman’s presence and the fact that he is really attached with her son. When Arman tells her that he is going back to America in a day or two, she really gets upset but is disturbed about her own sadness. She wants to stop Arman but she thinks that it is not right and she’ll be wronging Saadi if she does that.


Rabia tries to convince Aiman by giving her own example and also by saying that whatever she is thinking is right and she has all rights to be happy.

On the other hand, Arman is quite on this issue and he has stopped his sister to discuss this topic, for him Aiman’s happiness is most important. Aiman is still reluctant to take any step but then Dadi convinces her saying that time waits for none and also that she needs to think for her child too and she needs Arman.

Moreover Romaisa makes a confession to Aiman that before her parent’s arrival to Pakistan Aiman’s father sent some voice notes to Salman where he had shown his interest in Arman and Aiman’s getting married but then she had deleted those notes in jealousy. Now will Aiman agree to marry Arman?

Dil Kya Karay brings about a beautiful message that reinstates that fact that a woman has all the rights to be happy. Her life does not end with her husband’s and if she feels love after he’s gone, she is free to go ahead and pursue a relationship for a better life ahead.

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