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Dil Kya Karay Episode 5 Review: Arman wholeheartedly arranges Aiman and Saadi engagement

Arman is heartbroken but his love for Aiman is unconditional


Dil Kya Karay a very beautiful drama serial which revolves around love and heartbreak has on aired its fifth episode and the play has shown major developments. The heart touching love triangle is beautifully penned by Asma Nabeel and brilliantly helmed by the veteran director Mehreen Jabbar. Yumna Zaidi and Feroze Khan havd given their best performances in the play alongside Marina Khan, Shamim Hilaly and other supporting cast members.

The episode begins when Arman who is a gem of a lover, tries to make Aiman comfortable about her life and tells her that he knows about Saadi and their relationship,and also that he will support her in her decision. Arman belongs to that creed of people who love unconditionally, for him Aiman’s happiness is more important than his own. He tries to make sure that Dadi and his family will never ever mention in front of Aiman that Arman was interested in her.


Dadi and Faryal both are worried for Arman because they know that Arman will never be happy as all his happiness and love is attached with Aiman. However for Arman his only wish is to see Aiman happy and smiling again like she used to be before. Another cute yet intense scene is when Arman visits Saadi’s place and warns Saadi that he will not tolerate any tear in Aiman’s eyes and when Saadi teases him about being in love with Aiman. Arman signals Saadi’s mother to start up the wedding preparations.


The entire family has empathic feelings towards Aiman but Arman’s mother Romaisa is not ready to forgive the poor girl for the sins she has not committed at all. She is keeping grudges for Aiman and never shies in expressing them on and off. She taunts her every now and then and moreover, she even expressed her disgust in front of all guests when Saadi’s parents come for the proposal, Romaisa indirectly taunts Aiman calling her an ill omen. Well Saadi bears this just because she is Arman’s mother.


Another touching scene is when Saadi asks Dadi to take Aiman for outing and offers Arman and Faryal too but they both excuse. Saadi and Aiman’s engagement takes place and Arman with tears in his eyes and smile on his face is happy for his love. Aiman and Saadi are extremely happy and the episode ends on a lovely scene yet heartbreaking scene when Arman is watching the two love birds having a romantic conversation but he is not watching it alone Romaisa is also watching them talking. Here’s hoping that no evil eye is watching their love and happiness!

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