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Dil Kya Karay Episode 6 Review: Arman is trying hard to conceal his broken heart

Aiman and Saadi are now married


The very sweet drama serial Dil Kya Karay on aired its sixth episode and we saw Arman trying his best to conceal his broken heart. We saw the man try to strengthen himself enough to see his love getting married off to someone else. This beautiful and unique love triangle is exquisitely penned down by Khaani famed Asma Nabeel and is brilliantly directed by the veteran director Mehreen Jabbar. 

The episode begins when Arman is watching Aiman and Saadi having a romantic conversation, he is extremely broken but happy to see Aiman’s happiness. His mother Romaisa, however, never spares a single moment where she can spew her venom over poor Aiman. One wonders why she hates her as there is no good reason given to us yet. And now, seeing Arman heartbroken, once again, she finds a reason to hate Aiman more than ever.


We also see Saadi fighting alongside a few people because of his father and the business deal. Is it an omen, which Romaisa was reffering too, regarding Aiman? Will Aiman’s involvement with Saadi not bade good for his life? Is that why Romaisa hates Aiman?


The scene where Aiman is worried about Saadi and questions him lovingly is beautiful. Arman looks upon with heartache. Arman is enduring a lot of pain because both Saadi and Aiman mean a lot to him. Arman does the right thing instead of forcing his love on Aiman, Arman just backs off and by breaking his own heart he saved two hearts from breaking.


Well by showing that greatness does not mean that Arman has brushed off his love and feelings for Aiman from his heart. His heart still beats for Aiman. Rabia advises him that if he has decided to take such difficult decision in his life then he needs to become more strong and she further suggests that by taking interest in some work or building a hobby might distract Arman a bit. Well it will certainly not lessen the pain of heart break but it seems like Arman is taking inspiration from his aunt. Arman like a brave and kind heart person and he’ll definitely never let his love for Aiman show.

Feroze Khan is exceptional as Arman. He makes your heart melt. Yumna Zaidi as Aiman is also impressive. We like Marina Khan in her role but we really want to know the reason behind all this hate.

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