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Dil Kya Karay Episode 7 Review: Saadi learns about Arman’s feelings for Aiman

Saadi reacted very strongly when he get to know about Arman's feelings for Aiman


Episode 7 of this sweet love story Dil Kya Karay on aired and we saw the story taking major turns. The highlight of this episode was when Saadi comes to know about Arman’s feelings for Aiman and strongly reacts about it. This beautiful and adorable love triangle has been penned down by Asma Nabeel of Khaani fame and the play is brilliantly helmed by the veteran director Mehreen Jabbar. Although the supporting cast and Yumna Zaidi as the lead impresses, however it is Feroze Khan who remains the star of the show, emoting beautifully as the lost lover, Armaan.

The episode begins with Aiman married and Arman being extremely disturbed the whole night. Whereas, on the other side the happy couple is celebrating their love. Aiman is extremely happy as Saadi and her in laws treats her with lots of love. Arman is fighting with his inner self as his heart still beats for Aiman and he is now sure that he won’t be able to love anyone else again in his life while his mother is after him that he should get married.


Well the scene when Arman and Aiman meet the next day after the wedding is very heart touching, Arman’s expressions are simply amazing. Romaisa catches Arman and Aiman alone while Aiman’s dupatta coincidentally gets entangled on Arman’s watch buckle and Aiman is trying to untangle her dupatta. Romaisa spews all her venom on poor Aiman once again embarrassing her by saying that she is married now so she should be careful and should not openly meet Arman.


Well Aiman is completely adjusted with her family and Saadi adores her. He even does poetry for her. Saadi’s parents treat Aiman like a daughter. Aiman is busy receiving lots of love at her in laws and with Saadi she feels like she is complete. While Arman on the other side is heartbroken. Although he never expressed his feelings openly but everyone notices that Arman is upset and he is not like what he used to be before. Saadi’s compassionate mother also notices Arman’s discomposure and discusses it with her husband as Arman is dear to her like her own son.

Saadi’s father calls Arman at his office and discuss about his situation. Well it sounds bit weird but Arman opens up with his uncle and he speaks his heart out, he shares his feelings for Aiman but also assures him that he did the right thing and saved two hearts from breaking. Saadi overhears all this conversation and to our surprise instead of developing sympathetic feelings for his brother like friend, he rather very strongly reacted and is extremely furious to know about Arman’s feelings for Aiman. Arman tries to cool down Saadi but his anger is not getting down instead of it he initiates a heated argument but Saadi’s father timely intervenes and tells them that it is not a right place to discuss about this matter. Will Arman now loose his friends along with love?

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