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Dil Kya Karay Episode13 Review: Aiman is a state of denial

Aiman's denial seems like a blessing for her


Although we found this episode of Dil Kya Karay interesting, we’re missing Armaan from the scene. He went abroad and the last episode didn’t show Arman, even after Aiman facing a loss with Saadi’s kidnapping. Asma Nabeel’s story is quite exquisite when it comes to portraying love and different from her usual style of writing, where she brings out a social issue in an entertaining story.

The episode begins when Dadi and family get to know about Saadi’s kidnapping. Aiman is in state of shock but she is sleeping under the influence of some medicines. She and her baby is safe but Saadi has been abducted by unknown people. Although the family is at a loss, Aiman, cannot register Saadi’s kidnapping and seems disturbed about its mention.


Aiman’s mind hasn’t registered the tragedy and despite what she is seeing, she believes Saadi will come back to her soon. It seems bit weird and unnatural. Yes if it is a partial memory loss due to the shock it would have been gone by seeing all worried and crying faces of the family members but in fact Aiman is snubbing all those who are trying to make her worry for Saadi’s absence.


Dadi and Rabia chachi are extremely disturbed over Saadi’s kidnapping and Aiman’s condition. Well apparently Aiman’s current situation and her denial seems like a blessing for her as she cannot bear that intense tension with her pregnancy. It seems like nature is helping her otherwise it would not be good for her and her baby to be in an extremely disturbing situation. Arman hasn’t been informed because his mother doesn’t want the family to bother him with anything.


Faryal is taking care of Aiman like a true sister and she is trying hard that Aiman cry her heart out and go with her to their home but Aiman refuses. She is happy and hopeful, her mind is not ready to accept that Saadi’s missing. And there is Saadi, chained in a dark room, thinking about nothing but Aiman and his baby.

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