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Dil Kya Kare Episode 8 Review : Saadi is overreacting and dragging the situation

Another episode of this sweet and romantic drama serial Dil Kya Kare went on air yesterday, and we’re still hooked to it. What we like about Dil Kya Kare is the fact that it offers a momentarily reprive  from the tensions and anxities going around in everybody’s life. This exquisite love trio is beautifully penned by Asma Nabeel and is brilliantly directed by the veteran director Mehreen Jabbar.

This episode, although a bit slow, delivered as usual. Saadi is dragging the situation with a prolonged overreaction.

Saadi learns about Arman’s feelings for Aiman and very strongly  reacted on them. To some extent this reaction is justified, after all he is Aiman’s husband and he duly felt uncomfortable on hearing such a realization. However his prolonged reaction and attitude against his own brother like friend seems a bit weird. Instead of sympathizing with his friend Saadi is avoiding him and misbehaving with him. Arman never comes in between Aiman and Saadi, he is the one who has sacrificed his love for their happiness so he simply does not deserve this behavior from Saadi.


Aiman on the other side is unaware of the whole situation, she is busy in planning for her life. She is not aware what is going between her best friend and husband. Romaisa once again does not miss any chance of spewing her venom on her when she finds the poor Aiman sitting alone in Arman’s room. Well Aiman’s numb reaction on such allegations makes no sense any girl having some self respect will not dare to meet Arman after what she has said in the last episode and in this episode to her but Aiman shows no reaction on it.


Aiman is bit worried when Saadi is not receiving her call, later when he comes home late she inquires about it on which Saadi gets angry and calls her a typical wife. This reaction of Saadi has startled Aimen as Saadi has never talked with her like that before. Well Saadi’s father intervenes and asks him to react sensibly and that this reaction is not what he is expecting from him, he should have been kind to Aimen as Aimen has nothing to do with this whole situation. Well Saadi follows his father’s advice and apologizes to Aimen for his attitude.


Arman on the other side is worrying that Saadi might share anything with Aiman and also that he might show his anger to her. Arman is regretting to share his feelings with Uncle, he shares with his family his worry that Saadi knows about his feelings for Aiman. Arman is afriad that he is going to loose his friends. Well Saadi’s prolonged over reaction seems so weird as Arman has never come in between both of them and his only sin is that he had developed certain feelings for Aiman as it was quite natural.

Saadi is punishing Arman for no valid reason instead of being thankful for having such a gem of a friend.

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