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Dil Kya Kare Episode 9 Review: Saadi finally speaks with Arman and apologizes

 Dil Kya Kare on aired its 9th episode yesterday and although we felt the first half of the drama was a bit dragged, the second half justified the pace of the story by adding all necessary elements. This beautiful love triangle has been penned down by Asma Nabeel and is brilliantly directed by veteran director Mehreen Jabbar. Yumna Zaidi and Feroze Khan will make you fall in love with their chemistry.

The episode began on a usual note, Saadi was still stuck at the same situation, with Arman’s confession going to his head. He is unintentionally avoiding Aimen too. Aimen senses this change in Saadi but she cannot make out what is going? Well despite of Saadi’s mother detailed suggestion and counseling Saadi is not ready to attend Arman’s call. One wonders why he is so over reacting on this situation when Arman did his best to bring the two of them together? Arman’s sole mistake is that he has spoken his heart out in front of Saadi’s father and coincidentally Saadi has over heard his feelings for Aiman. His initial response was natural but now he is dragging the situation and his behavior is not justified and it is certainly not what Arman deserves.


Aiman is not getting anything about Saadi’s changed and cold attitude, she tries to discuss it with Saadi’s mother but she has comforted her by saying that it is all because Saadi is clearly stressed with work pressure and also that he is very sensitive so she better not push him. Aiman even discusses it with Arman which makes Arman more restless, although he has come up with the same excuse what Saadi’s mother but he badly wants to talk to Saadi who has not been receiving his call.


With the help of Faryal, Arman gets a chance to face Saadi. Saadi still over reacts on the situation but then he softens when Arman starts explaining his situation and his concern for both Aiman and him. Arman confesses that he has feelings for her but it is all one sided, Aiman does not even know about it and he convinces Saadi that Aiman only loves him and that it is because of her that Arman never tried to come in between them. Saadi seems convinced and moved and he embraces Arman and apologizes for his behavior.


Well Romaisa never leaves any chance to exhibit her ugly self. She worsens the situation by calling Saadi secretly and suggesting that he should find some girl for Arman so that Arman can forget Aiman! She gives Saadi a selfish advice that he and Aiman should settle back in America so Arman can forget Aiman! Lets see how this advice now affects Saadi and Aimen’s life.

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