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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 11 and 12 Review: Will Ulfat be able to separate the siblings?

Ulfat is cruelly insensitive to even a caring person like Kausar


One of our most favorite and unarguably the best drama serial in the running Dil Mom Ka Diya has on aired its double episode 11 and 12 last night. The play has shown major developments ever since the last week. Dil Mom Ka Diya is  a beautiful  play on sibling’s love and family ties, beautifully scripted by Saira Raza and brilliantly directed by Shahid Shafaat. Almost all casts members have given their best of performances in this play, especially the four leading stars, Neelam Muneer, Yasir Nawaz, Imran Ashraf and also Hira Mani.

The highlight of these episode is that Kausar ‘s wedding takes place despite of all Ulfaat’s attempts of creating hindrances.

Kausar is a gem of a person. She is the one who cares for everyone, never replies back or reacts even on her insult, patiently endures everything but despite of her cool and kind nature Ulfaat does not spare her too! Which makes Ulfat even more detestable, who has tried her best to create drama and hindrances in way of Kausar’s marriage.

However, Kausar’s inlaws ignore everything Ulfat says and the wedding takes place much to everyone, except Ulfat’s delight.


On the other side Tamkinat despite of the fact that she has not yet came to the house and has not spent that much time with Kausar,  very responsibly plays the role of an elder Bhabi. She not only erase off all doubts from Kausar’s mind but also makes her feel good but saying that she is pretty and also she assures her that the boy has selected her himself not that his mother has chosen her for him.


Afzal, being the gentleman he is, very responsibly is carrying all his responsibilities and is creating a balance between his siblings and wife but it seems that Ulfat is now pushing  him hard. He is super angry when he hears what Ulfat’s remarks are for Kausar’s face. He accidentally pushes Ulfat as she is expecting, her condition becomes serious but luckily the child and Ulfat both are saved.

Ulfat very rudely behaves with everyone in hospital and clearly tells all of them to leave the room. Salma’s husband is extremely angry on this behavior and he says its very insulting. Well it is so beautiful that Afzal keeps his baby’s name with Salma’s suggestion by tricking Ulfat that he is keeping this name  by date calculation.


Afzal is selling his house so that he can marry off Kausar well. After her marriage, he is all set to shift when Ulfat demands that she does not want Akmal and Azhar to live with them in their new house. It has really hurt Afzal and he strongly reacted on it but then she convinces him to create their separate portions. Well lets see what will happen in the next episodes. For now, we’re eagerly looking forward to the next episodes of Dil Mom Ka Diya. Another one of our favorites.


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