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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 17 Review: Ulfat has destroyed everything mercilessly!

Another new epsiode of one of the most engaging drama serial in the running, for which we eagerly wait for a week, on aired last night.The play has now taken a tragic turn making us wait eagerly for the happy phase to begin. The script plus the character crafting for Dil Mom Ka Diya has been remarkably done by Saira Raza. For creating such an interesting watch with so many brilliant performances which keep us hooked, the director Shahid Shafaat deserves appreciation. And of course the leading cast of the play, Yasir Nawaz, Neelam Muneer, Hira Mani and also Imran Ashraf bring out some amazing performances as well.

This episode revolves around Ulfat’s uncontrollable madness and selfishness which has taken her father to the death bed.

Ulfat has aborted her third child without even discussing with her husband from some sub standard mid-wife and she is now facing serious health issues. Meanwhile her behavior with her daughter is very bad. Even maids think that it is such an abnormal attitude for a mother especially towards Afza that one of them thinks that Afza is not their real daughter. Afzal accidentally hears this conversation going between the maids and it has hurt him the most.For a person like Afzal who is a gem of a person  and who cares for everyone, he do not deserves a thankless and mean wife like Ulfat.


Afzal’s heart always beat for his siblings. He realizes that Azhar is not coming home for the last two nights, he directly calls Azhar and asks him the reason in front of Ulfat. Azhar tries a lot to avoid this topic but Afzal insists and when Azhar tells him the crux of what he was going through without even naming Ulaat Afzal gets the whole idea and he scolds her by saying that he can bear any thing for his own self but if she will target his siblings he can go to any extent for them. Ulfat shamelessly laughs on the situation while for the first time Azhar uses hard words for her bhabi by saying that she has lost all her respect in their eyes.


Ulfat’s health is deteriorating so Afzal takes him to the same doctor where she visited before. The doctor schools Afzal for aborting the child and tells her that she  refused for abortion but they still went ahead with it and are now facing the consequences. Afzal is appalled as he does not even know that Ulfat was pregnant. Afzal is extremely furious and he gets mad at Ulfat. Ulfaat as she is, is not at all apologetic but she even backfires him shamelessly, Afzal slaps her and throws her out of the house and keeping the kids with himself.


Well as vile as Ulfat is she comes to her home with a huge drama and exaggerations that Afzal beats her all the time and blames her own parents for that as they do not side with her because Afzal supports them. Ulfat’s father in an embarrassed way visits Afzal and complains him about his behavior on which Afzal tells him the real reason. Feeling extremely guilt and shameful he returns but Ulfat’s insistent demand for a divorce lands him on the bed with a heart attack.

The ending scene of the drama saw Ulfat’s father calling Afzal but Afzal was not present there. It seems like he is taking his last breath and he is begging forgiveness from Afzal and asking him to forgive Ulfat? Will Afzal forgives Ulfat for all her meanness and disloyalty or will Ulfat ever have a change of heart is what we wait to find out.

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