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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 21 Review: Tankinat is paying for Ulfat’s sins

Azhar is also leaving Tamkinat for no reason


Dil Mom Ka Diya, one of the best drama serials in the running on ARY Digital has now taken a very depressive turn. Since Ulfat has now been divorced by Afzal, the family is facing a trauma while Ulfat is unconcerned. Saira Raza impresses with her incredible story and Shahid Shafaat brings across brilliant direction.

This week Hira Mani and Imran Ashraf owned the screens with superb performances as Tamkinat and Azhar.

The whole family including Afzal is being indifferent to Tamkinat. This, however, does not go down well with their characters as everybody is sensible enough and they all do know that Tamkinat is not like Ulfat at all. Tamkinat is way sensible but they do not want to bring her home just because she is Ulfat’s sister! It is so unfair! Akmal’s aggressive attitude is natural, his disgust for Ulfat and his family is justified but Afzal and Azhar are sensible people they cannot punish Tamkinat for no reason, when she has done nothing, she should not be punished just because she is Ulfat’s cousin!


Only Kausar from the family seems a sane headed person who vocally sided with Tamkinat. She tried her best to convince Azhar to reconsider his decision of leaving Tamkinat as she thinks that he takes this decision in anger and he will regret on it later but it seems like Azhar is not ready to listen Kausar so is Afzal who is mentally disturbed and he is in no position to make any sensible decision, he seems to be afraid of facing Ulfat’s family again.


Ulfat on the other hand is super happy after her divorce, she is enjoying her liberty. All she wants now is her Haq Mahar money and Afzal has generously given her and also allowed her to take with herself whatever she wants from the house. She takes all her jewellery, money and belongings. She has no feelings for Afzal as she left the place like a robber who has robbed everything leaving behind an empty room and Afzal’s empty heart. She even blackmails that she will take her children from him.


It seems like the world has turned upside down for poor Tamkinat who is being punished for her cousin’s wrong doings. She is trying hard to save her relation but Azhar is not even receiving her call, he has deleted her number and has blocked it. Kausar is trying her best to reconcile Azhar with Tamkinat but Azhar is not ready to accept Tamkinat, he has decided that he will leave the country and Tamkinat. Tamkinant literally begs not to leave her but he said that she is free! What does it mean? Has he divorced her? Can we consider it a divorce? Watch the next episode to know more.

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