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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 26: Ulfat is now tasting her own medicine

Another intense episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya went on air yesterday, the story has turned more and more depressing. It seems like Ulfat is now tasting her own medicine. The plot of the story is finely written by Saira Raza and the developments in the stories have captured the interest of the audience. It is brilliantly directed by Shahid Shafaat, and brings across some amazing performances by almost all cast members particularly Yasir Nawaz and Neelum Munir.

Poor Tamkinat is paying for the sins she has not committed herself, she is being abandoned by her own husband just because she is cousin of Ulfat! Her sole mistake is that she is related to Ulfat, the strange part is that Salma and Akmal’s weirdest behavior with her. Yes they have gone through a lot of things but they all know her well and they know the fact that Tamkinat’s nature is entirely opposite to Ulfat’s, but still they all, including the sensible Afzal all are showing indifference on this matter moreover Azhar has tried to divorce her too.


On the other side Azhar has moved to Dubai where he is living a soulless life, his last conversation with Tamkinat is haunting him all the time. Afzal is so concerned for him. Afzal’s second wife seems a sensible women but again the behavior of other family members is not so welcoming with her as well. Particularly Akmal is behaving too weird with her. Eventually Afzal realizes that he needs to give his wife her due respect.


Karma has finally hit Ulfat and she is now feeling the difference between Afzal and her new husband. She hastily married a good looking person just to hurt Afzaal and she has also shared her wedding pics with Afzal as well. She is super shocked when she is being treated by the her new husband just the way she used to treat Afzal. Her new husband is a genuine loafer and he is so full of himself kind of guy who does not give a damn about what her. Also he is now eyeing  her money and also taunts her for being an year older than him.


Tamiknat’s sister is very concerned for her, she tries for reconciliation of her marriage but she fails in doing that. She even goes to Ulfat’s mother’s house just to persuade her so that she could talk with Afzal for Tamkinat but when she is proceeding she has received a call that Tamkinat tries to end her life. Tamkinat is living alone in such an unproductive environment and it seems so cruel of Azhar that he has left her alone in the world.

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