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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 3 and 4 Review: Very Interesting!

Neelam Muneer as Ulfat is simply superb.


ARY Digital has a string of a few new dramas coming up on the channel and yep, they’ve captured our interest. Right here is the new drama starring Neelam Muneer, Yasir Nawaz, Imran Ashraf and Hira Mani, Dil Mom Ka Diya. The play has been beautifully directed by Shahid Shafaat and is based on an interesting story written by Saira Raza.

Ulfat (Neelam Muneer) is a very beautiful girl but her beauty has gone to her head. She is very ill mannered, choosing to speak what’s in her mind and not caring for anybody at all. By chance she gets married to Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) who is not so good looking but a gentleman at heart. Afzal is the eldest brother of the family and having no parents, he is all his siblings have. They love him and Afzal loves them too but it seems Ulfat is not happy with this at all.

In this week’s episode it is shown that Ulfat is not happy with her marriage with Afzal because she just married him for the sake of her father. She is extremely self centered, narcissist and a care free girl who gives no one a damn. On the wedding night, she, very frankly tells her husband that she is not interested in him as he is an old and fat guy and that she married him just because it is his father’s wish and also that she  is sacrificing like a good girl.

We have to say that the wedding night scene was one of the cutest scenes and both Neelum Munir and Yasir Nawaz have brilliantly carried their roles. Particularly Yasir Nawaz ‘s acting and his  character as Afzal is absolutely brilliant.


The way Afzal laughs off all his wife’s follies show his generous and kind self,  he is a thorough gentleman. The rest of the family, the siblings of Afzal are shown loving and caring people. I really like the way the brothers bug their younger sister. However Ulfat has shown her real self and meanness to them too. The elder sister thinks that after kids perhaps Ulfat will realize her responsibilities.


It shown that four years have passed but Ulfat has not changed a bit, now she is a mother of a 3 years old boy but still she is not ready to take any responsibility. She not only neglects her house but  also neglects her child. It looks so cute when Ulfat is not home as she has gone for a night stay at her mother’s house, all siblings are celebrating that moment including Afzal too. He makes them realize that he equally loves all of them.


Well there is an another story about to begin, yes Afzal’s brother Azhar is taking interest in Ulfat’s cousin Tamkanit. The way they get introduced to each other is very interesting and cute. It seems it is going to be a beginning of a cute romantic relationship. Well Afzal’s eldest sister does not like Ulfat at all, she has made her mind that now she will be very careful in selecting brides for her other brothers. Tamkinat is Ulfat’s cousin, so she might not approve of her. But Tamkinat is different and we’ve seen that side of her.

At this point, the drama reminds me of the novel Miraat Ul Uroos and the same Akbaree Ashgaree story but its interesting nonetheless. We’re waiting to see how things will unfold between Tamkinat and Azhar and will Afzal and Ulfat have a good life.

Neelam Muneer is amazing as Ulfat and you absolutely love her. Yasir Nawaz too is superb. Imran Ashraf again impresses with his young and carefree nature and Hira Mani pleases. For now, we’re interested and very much hooked to Dil Mom Ka Diya.


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