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Dil Mom Ka Diya Episodes 7 and 8 Review : Afzal despite of Ulfat’s fierce resistance makes Azhar and Tamkinant’s engagement possible

Ulfat is trying hard to oppose Azhar and Tamkinat wedding


Dual episodes of drama serial  Dil Mom Ka Diya went on-air on ARY Digital , a drama serial which revolves around  siblings love and family life. The script is very well written by Saira Raza and brilliantly executed by Shahid Shahfat. The performance given by  Yasir Nawaz and Neelum Munir is simply outstanding. Afzal is trying hard to carry his role as a caring husband and as a responsible elder brother and  is trying to keep a balance between them.

The episode begins when Azhar gets disturbed by Ulfat’s rude remarks. Ulfaat is being extremely selfish and rude, she has not even cared about the fact that Azhar never misbehaved with him  and he is always serving her like an obedient brother. Azhar is not just hurt, but he is also very serious about Tamkinat too. He gathers courage and expresses his desire to marry Tamkinat to his elder brother Afzal who shows  benevolence and agrees on fulfilling his wish.


Well, when Afzal shares this news to all people in the house there was a stream of opposition from all sides. Only Afzal and Kusar seems happy with this, Salma and Ulfaat were fiercely opposed this proposal. Salma and Akmal are of the view that no matter what will happen, they will not going to let Azhar marry a girl from Ulfaat’s family as it is suffice to have one Ulfaat in the family. Well Salma is not being  reasonable here as she hasn’t seen or met Tamkinat and she is opposing this proposal just for the fact that Tamkinat is Ulfaat’s cousin.


Ulfaat on the other side is now emerging as an absolute hate able  character. She is just opposing this marriage prospect because she does not want any one from her family to be equal to her! What a vile thought! It is not like that she is been doing this with Tamkinat just because she is  her cousin, she even  does not approve her own sister to be her equal. It is simply not acceptable to her! Moreover, she is heartlessly insulting Tamkinat for even thinking of being her equal.


However, it is shown that Afzal is resolute that he will not compromise on  his brother’s happiness. Despite of Ulfaat’s fierce opposition, her blackmailing  drama and her tactics all get failed in front of brother’s love. Afzal asks Tamkinat’s hand for Azhar from Molvi Sahab and after defying  all odds and so much opposition Azhar and Tamkinat finally gets engaged. Well, how long this engagement will continue  and  will this engagement  materialize into wedding? These were the questions arises in the minds of the viewers. Watch the next episodes to know what will happen next.



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