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Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi deserves much more!

Excellent story telling and brilliant performances

Dil Na Umeed Tu NahiDil Na Umeed Tu Nahi | OyeYeah

Penned down by Amna Mufti and directed by Kashif Nisaar, Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi is a sheer masterpiece where Yumna Zaidi, Yasra Rizvi, Wahaj Ali has exhibited their acting finesse. The most saddening part about this project is that it is not much hyped and the most alarming part is that all three big channels have refused to take this masterpiece one wonders why? This play is a Kashf Foundation production and it is highlighting a very important issue of human trafficking.

One of the best things about Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi is its beauty and excellence of storytelling and also its brilliant performances. It’s not like other issue-based dramas that are heavy to watch. Having such a dark theme, dealing with the Woman trafficking issue the beauty of the play and its storytelling is that you do not feel too drained out with the heaviness of the subject. Kashif Nisar and writer Amna Mufti have so artfully carried this story that it keeps you hooked to the screens as well as you need to know more and with all that the drama is serving its purpose of creating awareness about the subject to its best.

With all these discussed merits, it is so saddening and heartbreaking that Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi is not getting the deserved hype and ratings. There is nothing that is missing in this project. Having a star cast, excellent storytelling, catchy OST, impeccable performances are missed here why not any big channel has accepted this play?

Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi is a must-watch for every girl as it is very intelligently highlighting all the ways these human trafficking networks use for trapping innocent girls. The play has shown such an ugly network of woman trafficking which is like a vicious circle, it keeps going because big fishes are part of it. Please if you are not watching this serial do watch it’s worth watching.

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