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Dilruba Epiosde 21 Review: Sanam meets her well deserved punishment!

Farhaad is planted by Natasha, he is fooling Sanam


Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of the most popular drama serials of the season with having flirting as its main theme. This episode is fast-paced as Sanam meets her well-deserved punishment, it is one of the most satisfying Watch. Farhaad is planted by Natasha and he has been fooling Sanam all the time. Hania Aamir’s performance is simply brilliant in this play.

The episode begins when Farhaad is persuading Sanam to file for divorce and to hire a lawyer, he in fact accompany her to the lawyer’s office. Sanam has made up her mind to take the divorce, she is so arrogant that when Lawyer as a formality advises her to overview her decision she gets mad on that. Sanam is so mean and arrogant that when her sister who used to take great care of her, calls her and tells her about her baby, she simply ignores her and is quite rude of her, Why? Erum is always been very kind and nice with her then why she is behaving so rudely with her?

Sanam is a terrible mother she has no heart for her own baby as well. Ayan is having a fever but she is insisting maid to give him a bath as she is getting bad odor from him. Maid is of the view that she should not bathe the baby as he is having a fever but Sanam is persistent. As a result baby’s fever rises and he gets hospitalized. On the other hand, Natasha gives birth to a baby girl, well one wonders poor Ayan is not growing its been quite a time Erum has given birth to a child, and now Natasha too, but Ayan is not growing up it seems a time-lapse error.

Arsalan’s bhabi has got to know everything about Sanam and now Sanam’s mother is being nice to her and she apologizes for her behavior and begs her not to tell anything to his son. Arsalan when says to her that she is just like her daughter she corrects her by saying that she doesn’t want to be her daughter. It seems that she is all set to defame Sanam and she is not going to spare any moment as she will take revenge from her for deceiving Junaid.

Sanam finally gets her divorce, she calls Farhaad and breaks this news to him, he says that he is coming to take her but he never comes. Sanam waits for him outside the court but there is no sign of him nor he is picking her call. Farhaad is planted by Natasha and they were fooling Sanam because they want to take over the house. Sanam goes back to the house where her belongings are put on the door. She is told that she cannot enter but she enters the house and there she sees Farhaad siting with Natasha and her world turns upside down when she comes to know that she has been made a fool. She has lost the house property and also her car is taken away. She literally has to beg for money to Khurram and he throws some pittance to her. Well, this is exactly the kind of behavior Sanam truly deserves. A satisfying Watch!

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