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Dilruba Episode-11 Review: Sanam has got herself trapped in a mess

Now Ayaz is also creating troubles for Sanam

Dilruba Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Sanam has got herself trapped in a mess - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial having a bold storyline is one of the most popular serials running at HUM TV. Sanam is in real trouble when her brother catches her talking with Ayaz on the street and Ayaz is also threatening her. The episode is face-paced as usual but not at express speed. Hania Aamir has given an amazing performance.

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Razi’s mother gets excited to know about Sanam’s pregnancy as it is the only hope she has left after his son’s loss. Well I really do not like the way she keeps on insisting Sabih to marry Sanam, I mean how can she force him to marry like that and it seems very weird. He can take great care of the child and Sanam as the child’s chacha then why he need to marry her? How painful it is for Sabih no one knows that.


Erum’s wedding is fixed in a hasty manner and the poor girl is busy in her wedding preparations alone with she also taking the best care of her grieved sister. Sanam is really broken and she is feeling remorse about her past acts. Junaid is all set to start his new journey, he is ready to fly abroad, his father has fixed his engagement with his brother’s daughter against Junaid’s will. Junaid’s parents are pushing him to get into a relationship makes sense that they both are fearing that their son might not get trapped again.


Ayaz is not sparing poor Sanam, he is creating a lot of fuss, he is continuously threatening her. Sanam wants to discuss this whole situation with her neighbor but she cannot discuss this in his mother’s presence. When she is returning from their house, Ayaz meets her at the street and there they both get to engage in loud arguments, Sanam is accusing him of ruining her life and there Sanam’s brother caught her talking with Ayaz. Sanam’s brother creates lots of fuss.


Sanam’s brother is now after Ayaz, he has sensed that there is something fishy going. He is now investigating Ayaz and his whereabouts, and Sanam is fearing that he might go to see all those pictures which Ayaz has shown to Razi. Sanam shares her story with her neighbor and he is feeling so bad and ashamed on himself that why he has shared her number with him. The neighbor seems to be a decent guy, he in a furious range goes at Ayaz office snubbing him for ruining Sanam’s life when he had clearly told him not to create any mess with his neighbors when Ayaz is not slowing down he asks him to delete her pictures, Ayaz refuses to do so. He points a pistol at Ayaz!

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