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Dilruba Episode-14 Review: Sanam is trying her best to save her marriage

Jibran is not loyal with Sanam nor he has truly accepted Ayan.

Dilruba Episode-14 ReviewIn this episode Sanam is trying her best to save her marriage - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV is one interesting primetime watch, here Sanam is trying to save her marriage despite her own brother’s fierce opposition. There is not much story development shown in this episode, except that Khurram seems a hopeless case and he is not loyal to Sanam nor he has truly accepted Sanam’s son. Performances are very well executed in this play.

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The house property is named after Sanam and it seems that she is bit swayed by this power and authority so she has made up her mind not to leave Khurram but give her marriage a chance. Despite her own brother’s fierce opposition, she takes the decision not to leave Khurram and his brother in anger tells her that she has lost all his support. Well, it is not making any sense, they are the one who married her off so hastily and now they are asking her to put the label of a divorcee on herself.


Khurram’s father seems to be a very nice person who tells Sanam that she is powerful and also that she can put her husband on the right track. The scene where Sanam’s Phupho comes to meet Ayan and there she sees Khurram behaving very rudely with Sanam and handling Ayan so half heartily seems so heartbreaking from Razi’s mother point of view but here Khurram’s father tries to comfort her  as well and assures her that he will take good care of her grandson.


Well Sanam’s mother’s objection on Razi’s mother complaining about Khurram’s attitude to Khurram’s father is not making any sense, being a grandmother of the child, her concerns are genuine and she has the right to express her concern but it seems that poor Razi’s mother is even more hurt by this objection, she flies off to London and there she shares her concerns with Sabih too.


Khurram in no way is showing any interest in Sanam, he hates her, her son, and her family. He is not throwing her out because he does not want to lose his property. Khurram’s father goes abroad for his treatment and there Khurram feels like he is now free to host parties at his home. When Sanam tells his father that he is throwing a party at their home and he is fully enjoying, his father in law reminds her of her rights and power telling her that she has the right to stop him and if she has not stopped him, he is going to bring her girlfriends at home. Will Sanam be able to stop Khurram from partying and will she able to make him leave her girlfriend?

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