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Dilruba Episode-19 Review: Sanam is getting involve with Farhaad

Airing at HUM TV, Dilruba the drama serial which is a bold take on flirting is getting more intense. Sanam’s (Haania Aamir) old flirty self is back, who does not care about her own child, and also she has no feelings for her sister and family. Sanam is getting involve with Farhaad and Khurram is busy with his second wife and he is trying to establish his business. Hania Aamir is very brilliantly playing her role.

Sanam has very coldly behaved with her father and he is extremely hurt by her attitude. Erum calls her too and tries to invite her to their brother’s wedding but she very rudely talks with her as well. What kind of attitude is this? She is looking down at her family, neglecting her own child, and spends most of her time with Farhaad. Sanam certainly does not deserve to be the owner of this house and she certainly does not deserve these perks as she is not less flirtatious than Khurram. She is not realizing that being a married woman she is committing a huge sin by getting involved with another guy.

Arsalan’s wedding takes place and there Sanam’s mother sees that Junaid’s mother is Tayee of Sehrish ( Arsalan’s Mother) Junaid’s mother should have controlled herself in public as it is their family function, a marriage of her family’s daughter but she threatens Sanam’s mother that she will ruin Sanam. Well, Sanam deserves this treatment but Sehrish certainly does not. Junaid’s mother played by Huma Nawab should have realized the sensitivity of the matter.

Well, the dumbest Erum gives her mother one of the most idiotic advice to avoid this situation and that is not to let Sherish meet her relatives and not to allow her to go home. Well this kind of role certainly does not fits on the evergreen gorgeous Marina Khan. She follows Erum’s idiotic advice, she stops Sehrish to visit her parents on the first day after her wedding. She is so dumb that she is clearly not realizing that she is adding bitterness to her son and his newlywed wife’s relationship.

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Well Sanam is so much busy hanging out with her lover that she is criminally neglecting her poor baby. She instead of taking the child herself to the hospital asks the maid to do that! what a cruel and heartless mother? She does not deserve to keep Ayaan. Farhaad is also getting irritated with the baby. Eventually Farhaad asks her to marry which has surprised Sanam if Sanam leaves Khurram he will lose the property too. Well, Farhaad seems rich and proposing her, will Sanam say yes to him?

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