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Dilruba Ep-20 Review: Sanam is ready to leave Khurram and marry Farhaad

Erum gives birth to a baby boy

Dilruba Ep-20 ReviewIn this episode Sanam is ready to leave Khurram and marry Farhaad - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial airing at HUM TV is one bold take on flirting, however, the protagonist of the play Sanam’s character is getting more disgusting day by day. She is characterless, a careless mother, and an arrogant daughter who feels nothing for her family. She is such a hateable character yet she is portrayed in such a light where the writer is trying us to empathize with that character but still, that empathy is not redeeming Sanam, she is a negative character brilliantly played by Hania Aamir.

Sanam is startled by Farhad’s proposal, she clearly knows that she cannot marry him, if she marries him she will lose the house. She shares her concerns with Farhaad too who tells her that he can gift her more houses like this, this house is nothing, moreover, he is insisting her to marry him as she is clearly not happy with Khurram. Sanam’s friend also advises her to marry Farhaad.

Khurram and his wife see Sanam and Farhaad together in a car frankly talking with each other. Well, surprisingly it seems that Khurram gets very furious on watching Sanam hanging out with a man. He blames her for being a characterless woman on which she says that she is just like him. Well one thing is not making any sense and that is why the house caretaker is not taking Khurram’s side being a family loyal, his loyalty should have been with his master’s son why he is taking sides with Sanam?

Well, Sanam’s mother is as vile as Sanam, knowingly she is ruining her own son’s newly started married life. She is being a mean mother in law and she is so selfish that just to save Sanam she is deliberately being cruel and mean with her daughter in law not realizing that for how long will she able to save Sanam and also when Sanam has cut off all her relations with them then why she is bothered so much that she is ruining her son’s married life who has done so much for his family? Erum gives birth to son right on the same night when Sehrish’s Chacha has invited her for dinner. However, Sehrish goes along with her parents at her Chacha’s place where Junaid’s mother spews venom against her mother in law and there she comes to know that Sanam is actually the girl for whom Junaid is madly in love with and for whom he has not married Sehrish.

Sanam has finally made her mind that she is going to leave Khurram and will marry Farhaad. She shares his decision with Khurram and he is surprised that how come she is going to give up the house. He is extremely happy to know that she is ready to give up the house and now he can easily bring his wife to his own house. Is Sanam making a huge mistake to leave Khurram and the property for Farhaad?

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