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Dilruba Episode-3 Review: For Sanam flirting with men is her birth right!

Sanam has its own ways of handling people

Dilruba-Episode-3-ReviewIn this episode For Sanam flirting with men is her birth right - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba running at HUM TV is a good take on flirting, which is a kind of societal evil.  Our social media queens and stars treat flirt as merely a sport not realizing the fact that it does have deadly consequences. The plot is very artfully penned down by Qaisera Hayat and it is equally well directed by Ali Hassan while the performances given sofar in this serial are on spot.

Sanam is watching her album which Ayaz has made exclusively for her and she is extremely delighted to see her beautiful pictures when her sister intervenes and asks her from where she gets this exclusive album of hers she says that neighbors made it for her as she has danced and has done lots of fun stuff on their mehndi. Sanam’s sister is so simpleton and naive that she gets convinced by Sanam’s silly excuse.

Sanam is so heartless and insensitive that she conveniently lies with Sabhi that she likes him and also that he is handsome if he goes to a gym and applies some fairness cream he will have better chances and girls will go crazy for him. Well in that way Sanam is being courteous and she is trying to be nice with her cousin but little she knows that she has created a whirlpool in Sabih’s heart and to be honest we really feel sad for the poor guy he is so decent, he does not deserve to be deceived by these petty lies.

That shopkeeper Junaid, he is again too cute and naive and he certainly does not deserve to be treated that way. Sanam and her friends are of the opinion that flirting is their birth right, if boys are flirting and enjoying their lives then girls have this right too but little Sanam and her friends know that flirting is an evil practice, it is like playing with others hearts and feelings. Sanam thinks by flirting with Junaid, she is actually doing good with him, she is actually making him happy for time being but she does not realize that it is a lie that is going to affect him very badly.

Sanam’s mother is doing her best to control her but her father, brother and her sister always side with her and they always support her which is making her even more daring. Sanam’s neighbor aunty overhears her daughter in law conveying Ayaz’s message and the album to her. She seems a sensible lady, being an old neighbor she feels like she should tell her mother about this, she shares it with Sanam’s mother in a very decent way, shocking her mother and her sister.

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