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Dilruba Episode-8 Review: Sanam is going to get into a huge mess created by her own self

Razi sees Junaid talking with Sanam

Dilruba Episode-8 ReviewIn this episode Sanam is going to get into a huge mess created by her own self - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba is a fast-paced drama serial running at HUM TV, having a new and bold storyline, it is now getting more and more intense. Performances are simply brilliant in this play. Actors including Mohib Mirza, Sheroze Subzwari, Asad Siddiqi, and even Hania Aamir have done so well in this particular episode. We are simply loving Laila Wasti’s beautiful appearance and her performance in this play.

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It is so unsatisfying for the audiences to see Sanam enjoying her life, going to Singapore on her honeymoon while on the other hand Junaid is so mercilessly treated by Sanam’s friends when they so insensitively break Sanam’s marriage news to him, Junaid is so shattered that he attempts to take his life while on the other hand Sabhi too is suffering from a very bad heartbreak and he certainly does not deserve this.

Ayaz and his creepy friend both are watching Sanam’s wedding pics on the screen. Ayaz is telling him that he will spare her at any cost, he has her photoshoot pics and he will definitely going to use them against her and will take revenge from her, Ayaz’s friend who happens to be Sanam’s neighbor requests him not to do anything wrong, the cunning Ayaz assures him that he is not going to do anything bad with her but deep inside something really vile cooking!

Well, Sanam is enjoying her honeymoon with Razi and she is very happy with her life when things start turning in her life. Razi’s mother gets injured so Razi and Sanam have to come back from their honeymoon immediately well Sanam is also been portrayed a well mannered and loving too despite her insensitive and carefree nature, she does not mind at all that due to a trivial injury of her Phupho she has to leave her honeymoon like that. In fact, she is being very caring and loving towards her phupho.

Things start turning upside down for Sanam when Junaid’s mother sees her in the hospital lobby and she drags her to Junaid’s room and she is shouting at her and Junaid too starts talking and pleading her, reminding Sanam of all her promises and claims she used to make to him. Well, the worst part is that Razi overhears what Junaid is saying to Sanam and he is really disturbed. Will, he is going to find that his dear wife who claims that she has only fancied him all her life has been in a relationship with numerous boys and she is the one who has broken his dear brother’s heart? Sanam is surely going to get into a huge mess and this mess is created by none other but her own self.

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