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Dilruba Episode-9 Review: Raazi is gathering evidences of Sanam’s past affairs.

Sanam tries to cover all her wrongdoings by shedding crocodile tears

Dilruba Episode-9 ReviewIn this episode Raazi is gathering evidences of Sanam's past affairs - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of the most interesting take-ups on flirting showing for the first time from a girl’s perspective. The story is proceeding at a fast pace and this episode is so full of happening events, Raazi is gathering all evidences against Sanam about her past affairs. And it seems like her marriage is in trouble.

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The episode begins when Razi overhears Junaid talking to Sanam pleading her not to leave him and reminding her of all her past promises she used to make and about her love claims. Razi although has shaken with all this revelation but he tries to stay cool and behave calmly in front of Sanam but he has sensed that something is really fishy.

Razi secretly meets Junaid who tells him all about Sanam how she used to flirt him and cash him. Later Razi finds all the evidence in forms of cards and gifts along with Sabih Bhai’s phone at Sanam’s house. He is extremely hurt to know that she is the girl who broke his dear’s brother’s heart and more than that he is very disturbed to learn that Sanam has been also flirting with him.

Sanam is extremely worried, Razi has shown his disgust but he has not thrown her out of the house because of his family’s respect. Sanam makes the most out of Razi’s weakness, she tries to cover all her wrongdoings by shedding crocodile tears on it and putting the whole blame on Junaid that he is psycho and he was after her and she has no choice but to make fake promises with him just to save him because he used to blackmail her that he will commit suicide and listening to all this Razi has no choice but let the matter go and to give her wife a second chance.

Sanam is happy that she managed to get away with all this but she has no idea that there is a hurricane coming on her way. Ayaz comes with the album and there Razi sees Sanam’s intimate pictures with Ayaz. Razi is burning with anger, he throws her out of her room. Meanwhile Sabih has also arrived in Pakistan to visit her mother.

Sabhi feels awkward when he sees Sanam but Sanam has no shame. Razi goes at Ayaz’s studio where Ayaz claims that he had an affair with Sanam and he can back off if he gives him 10 lacs! On his way home the heartbroken Razi met an accident.

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