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Do Bol Episode 15 & 16 Review: Gaiti or Badar, who is justified?

Do Bol, a very simple yet complex enough story to keep the audience hooked. You aren’t bombarded with heavy issues or societal pressures in this one. Do Bol is a story that lets you sit in front of your television and just enjoy what goes on the screen. Laced with some good performances, the drama makes you feel for each character, making you react on the good and bad things that happen with everyone. Not only Hira Mani or Affan Waheed, but Haris Waheed too stands out with his performance in Do Bol. Brilliant direction and an engaging story, make Do Bol a winner for all.


So what went on in the last night’s episode? Read on to find out.

Despite his reluctance, Gaiti drew Badar along for Neelam’s wedding. Iqbal, was anticipating to meet his daughter more than ever and his conversation with Nafeesa wrenched our hearts, even if he didn’t say much words. Mehmood Aslam is a veteran actor who knows how to convey what his character is feeling with his expressions. However, his eagerness and happiness to see his daughter, cannot be digested by Firdous who works out a plan to ensure Gaiti doesn’t come to the wedding and Iqbal believes her to be egoistic and careless about her father. With the help of her mean son, Zafar, Firdous succeeds in working out her plan and after Badar being insulted, Gaiti leaves with him in tow.

On the other hand, we see Jahan Ara returning and being emotional to the point of running to meet Gaiti and then bringing her along. Gaiti, flees with her mom as she had been waiting to be rescued but her leaving does leave a few questions behind. Was whatever she feeling for Badar, or whatever soft corner she had developed for him, was for the sake of compromising until her mother (or anyone else) came to take her away. The way Gaiti reacted on leaving with her mother showed she had thoughts things through beforehand and was prepared to leave Badar without a second thought.

Badar, who thought, Gaiti was finally feeling something for him, and rushed home with a good news to give her, was letdown when he found out Gaiti had already left. Her letter to him did nothing to soothe his wounds because he had done everything in his might to please her and provide for her.


So, who is justified in the way they’re feeling/doing? Gaiti or Badar? Badar manipulated the situations and with luck got married to Gaiti. However, Gaiti, who had never seen Badar more than an employee of her father’s couldn’t accept living with him. She compromised until she had a chance but fleed on the first opportunity. Put yourself in Gaiti’s shoes and think. Would you have done something different? Not to sound biased or a class freak, but would a person who has only seen luxuries in his life be able to adjust with her driver, one that she was forced to marry? What do you think about Gaiti’s actions?

Leaving that for your thoughts, we have a hunch that Gaiti won’t really feel welcomed in her mother’s home. Jahan Ara’s husband has been used to his wife’s attention and care, so much so that he doesn’t fetch his clothes himself. Also he’s visibly aggravated about Jahan Ara bringing Gaiti home. Will he let his attitude show and will Gaiti actually realize that? Will she go back to Badar ever? We’ll have to see the drama to know more.


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