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Do Bol Episode 5 & 6 Review: Gaiti is married off to Badar as punishment

It seems like Badar's biggest dream came true but in a strange way


ARY has brought about a rather engaging play with Do Bol. Although we find the story entertaining there are a few things we might not agree with, especially Badar’s demeanor. We know he liked Gaiti but ruining her character and playing dirty games to get her is not justified at all.

The sequence of events are well plotted by writer Sarwat Nazir and direction by Syed Wajahat Hussain stands out. Hira Mani and Affan Waheed have definitely given good performances in this play while Haris Waheed’s performance is also very impressive as the antagonist.

It is Badar who gives Sameer the idea to take Gaiti along with him and go by train to her mother’s place but Badar himself does not have any idea about things turning in his favor his biggest dream coming true. For Badar what happens is serendipity but for Gaiti it is a huge punishment! Firstly it is like marrying someone she does not love and secondly marrying a servant of the house! She feels like her own family has disgraced her by doing that and she disowns her family after signing the nikkah papers.

Do Bol Episodes 3 & 4 Review: For Badar all is fair in love!


Well as far as poor Sameer is concerned we feel really sorry for the guy who has lost the love of his life. However the reason why he misses his train seems very weird, his car breaks down but the height of bad luck strikes when the taxi refuses to start as well. One wonders why couldn’t he get another taxi? He misses the last chance of getting his love and another coincidence takes place that Zafar visits the station at the very moment by chance to buy a ticket for his friend and finds Badar and Gaiti sitting at the paltform. Well it seems so strange that at such a big station he gets to see them right waiting at the platform when he was just standing at the ticket counter to buy the ticket.


Despite of all Gaiti’s clarifications she is beaten like hell alongside Badar. She keeps on telling everyone that she wanted to meet her mother. Also since Zafar’s mother knows that her property is not named after Gaiti, she has already changed her mind and looking for an excuse, she traps Gaiti who is married off to Badar for good.


Gaiti with heavy heart has accepted this as her punishment for a sin which she has not committed. She cannot stand the fact that she is marrying her servant! Such a disgrace her family has bestowed upon her! But for Badar his life’s biggest dream comes true but in a rather strange way. He has never imagined this could have happened to him, apparently he seems shocked but deep inside he is very happy. Badar’s mother is extremely appalled and disgusted to hear about his n0ikkah and it seems like she is not going to accept Gaiti! Well on the other side Gaiti’s mind and heart is not yet prepared to accept Badar as her husband, she still hates him!

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  • Generally speaking there is nothing wrong in marrying somebody lower in social status then yourself. AIlah says even a slave boy is suitable as long as he is momin. A big deal when back then free women only married free men. And still a big deal today.

    Is it not sad that we keep having dramas showing us a woman can be married to anybody without her consent or choice as of she was an object and not a person with free will and rights? Another narrative that needs to change. So what’s the point of disowning your family after you said yes tithe nikah. Should have done it before hand. Then it would mean something.

    So our drama still indoctrinating us and portraying forced nikahs. Would it not be great urinated we saw women (and men) not submitting to their parents or families choices in marriage but having the courage to respectfully decline the nikah. This could set a better example for people and change the mentality of May families who do force and emotionally blackmail their children into marriage thus ruining two lives in the process.

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