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Do Bol Episodes 11 & 12 Review: What is in Gaiti’s heart?

Do Bol, a simple yet exciting drama, has won millions of hearts in such a short period of time owing to its heart touching OST and meaningful performances by Affan Waheed and Hira Mani. The two share a good chemistry on screen and it is visible in every scene they do together in Do Bol.

So what happened in this week’s episode? Read on to find out,

Badar is trying hard to make Gaiti happy but it makes no difference in Gaiti’s hatred for him. She still treats him like her old servant. It seems like Gaiti will always consider him as her servant. Well, if we look from Gaiti’s perspective, we can we can empathize with her condition, she has lost her love, her family and she is being forced to live the rest of her life with her servant considering him as her husband in his small house. Jahan Ara is out of the country and her guard is not ready to give  her number so Gaiti has left Karachi and has come back with Badar crying on her fate.


On the other hand her father is terribly missing Gaiti and he is regretting over his decision. Taking the pain to his heart he gets a cardiac arrest. Nafeesa despite of family’s opposition informs Gaiti through Badar. Gaiti’s heart, despite of all injustices, still beats for her father and she goes to visit him at hospital. However,  Zafar stops her and Badar for meeting Iqbal, saying that he does not want to meet her and that he hates her. Zafar misbehaves with Gaiti and gets rewarded with a tight slap from her.


Badar’s life has also turned upside down where he has lost his job and his credibility and for whom he has endured all that, she is not ready to accept him as her husband. Gaiti is not even treating Badar as a friend. After much try, finally Badar gets a job with a minimum salary package and he considers it as a blessing as a first drop of rain.


However, other than Badar, it seems like Gaiti’s heart is melting for Badar’s family, for his sisters particularly Rafia. She tries to help her out in making tea, appreciates her tea and makes small talk. When Badar’s cousin Jamshed who happens to be Rania’s fiance tries to be frank with her which Gaiti does not like, she shares her disgust with Badar. Further she shares her opinion that Jamshed is not appropriate for Rania. This speaks a lot about Gaiti’s character despite of having so much bitterness and differences with Rania, she still does not want anything bad to happen with her.

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