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Do Bol Episodes 19 & 20 Review: Jahan Ara wants Gaiti to reconcile with Sameer

The drama serial Bol Do despite of being on aired twice a week has not lost audience’s interest. In fact the play is so engaging that it keeps the audience hooked and people end up craving for more. The story is getting more and more intense with Badar and Gaiti’s separation and Sameer’s entry into the scene. And now, since the drama is all set to wind up with back to back episodes next week, we cannot wait to watch what will become of Gaiti and Badar/ Affan Waheed and Hira Mani impress in their respective characters but we want to see more from others over the coming week as well.

So what went on in this week’s first half of two episodes? Read on to find out;

Gaiti coincidentally attends Sameer’s engagement and there Sameer and Gaiti both see each other. Gaiti immediately leaves the place with Jahan Ara and she is crying all the way home. Jahan Ara has realized that Sameer is the guy Gaiti loved. She makes her mind that she will unite Gaiti with Sameer and she will bring back Gaiti’s happiness. Jahan Ara without taking Gaiti’s consent sends Badar divorce papers with forged signatures. Nafees’s attitude is extremely rude with Gaiti and sometimes it does not seems reasonable at all especially for a person like him for being so selfish and rude.


Badar’s father dies and his death news reaches Iqbal. He decides that he will visit Badar and will pay his condolences. He asks his brother to go along with him. Despite of Apa’s disapproval Iqbal visits Badar and is very kind to him. Gaiti does not receive Badar’s father’s death news as she is with her mother in Karachi but Badar’s neighbors discusses a lot about her absence and her character. Badar is still defending her in front of all with his broken heart.

Well the way Iqbal visits Badar and talks with him speaks volumes about his changed feelings towards Badar, he also accepts in front of all that he is my son in law and he is like a son to me.


Iqbal gets shocked when Jamil discusses with him their account situation, there is a fraud of hundreds and thousands of rupees which Zafar has withdrawn over and over and now he has fled to Malaysia. Iqal is deeply hurt and shocked to learn about Zafar’s fraud and he discusses this with his brother who tells him that he will soon find him out if he is in Pakistan. Moreover Iqbal instructs Jamil to look after the accounts affairs on which Jamil excuses and suggests that he should consult Badar for this matter. Iqbal is worried that Badar will not agree but when Jamil explains Badar the whole situation and about Zafar’s conduct he agrees to help Iqbal Sahab.


Jahan Ara, who had been suffering from cancer is more concerned about Gaiti and her future. She secretly gets all details of Sameer and contacts him. Sameer on the other hand over hears his Bhabi talking to her sister about how she vilified Gaiti’s character in front of Sameer so that he would hate her. Sameer is extremely hurt that he even thought about Gaiti in that way. He goes to meet Gaiti at Jahan Ara’s house but Gaiti is not raedy to listen her. According to her, Sameer’s chapter is closed but still Jahan Ara is persistent that she should give Sameer a chance. Moreover Gaiti is hurt that Jahan Ara has sent Badar divorce papers without her consent.

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