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Do Bol Episodes 21 & 22 Review: Jahan Ara’s death reunites Badar and Gaiti

Nafees throws Gaiti out of the house

do bol

We’re actually getting excited for Do Bol to wrap up. Not to say that we’ll definitely miss this simply beautiful story of Badar and Gaiti but yes we’re excited to know how things will end. Badar and Gaiti’s exquisite chemistry has won millions of hearts, Affan Waheed and Hira Mani have performed with their hearts it seem, the chemistry is undeniable. Syed Wajahat Hussain’s direction is spot on, without any scene being dragged.

So what whent on the next two episodes of this week’s Do Bol? Lets find out

Well it is shown that Gaiti is worrying about what Badar and his family will think about her as she did not want to send divorce papers to him. She definitely has developed certain feelings for Badar and it seems like she is now not ready for any decision. However,  Jahan Ara on the other hand is persistent that she will bring back Gaiti’s happiness and for that she is preparing Sameer. Well Sameer who has already over hears that his sister in law deliberately vilified Gaiti’s character in front of his eyes now does not want to let Gaiti go. Gaiti on the other hand is not ready to accept Sameer nor she wants a divorce from Badar.


Badar has started working for Iqbal and he is back on handling his usual everyday matters. Neelum gets married and Fariha on her wedding finds Badar and starts lecturing him to bring back Gaiti.  She further starts her slandering by saying that Gaiti is having an affair with Sameer she is meeting him and if he will leave her like that she will eventually go with Sameer. Badar says that Gaiti didn’t want to live with him but Fariha is persistent that he should go and get her.


Jahan Ara suddenly dies by having a cardiac arrest, leaving poor Gaiti helpless and grieved on the mercy of her step father, who blames her for the death of his beloved wife. He is so angry at Gaiti that he throws her out of the house in the middle of the night not showing any mercy. Fortunately Badar arrives at the spot and takes Gaiti back to his home. Actually Fariha made him to go there to take Gaiti with him. Sameer also arrives but he is late as usual and Gaiti is gone with Badar. Well one wonders how come he is always that unlucky.


Gaiti is shocked to learn about Badar’s father’s death. She seems deeply saddened by hearing his death news. Rania and Badar’s mother attitude with Gaiti is same but when Badar tells his mother about Gaiti’s mother’s death her hearts gets softened for her and she goes to her room and pays her condolences and apologizes to Gaiti for her past behavior on which Gaiti apologizes on her past behaviour. Gaiti also says that she is ashamed that she was not present at home on Qamar Uncle’s death as she did not know about it and clears that she did not want divorce Badar and it was her mother who sent the divorce paper without her consent.

So will things settle down for Gaiti and Badar is what we’re trying to find out? Will Badar and Gaiti be invited back to Iqbal’s house now that he knows of his sister and her son’s true side. We’ll need to stay tuned for the next few episodes to know more.

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