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Do Bol Episodes 27 and 28 Review: Badar starts doubting Gaiti

Jamshed shows the filmed video of Gaiti meeting Sameer to Badar and everyone

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The drama serial Do Bol on aired its double second last episodes 27 and 28 and it isn’t any surprise that drama has crossed 2 million and counting views on YouTube. Do Bol brings an interesting story, one that does not fail to grasp its audience. Even near its end, we’re eager to see how things end for poor Gaiti, who finally had a ray of happiness in her life and now its almost lost again.

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Gaiti has developed feelings for Badar and for the first time she professes her love for him. Jamshed being a low life, however, takes advantage of Gaiti’s weakness and shares his recorded video where Gaiti is meeting Sameer in the restaurant with Badar.


Sameer on the other hand is annoying as usual. Even after Gaiti has clearly told him that she has no place for him in her heart and that she has moved on, he still acts like creep.  He literally blackmails her to meet him in a restaurant and then despite of Gaiti’s clear refusal and insult, he keeps calling on her number over and over and making Badar doubt Gaiti.


Although she has moved on from Sameer, one major mistake Gaiti committed is of hiding and lying about Sameer’s calls from Badar. She should have taken Badar into confidence at the first place when Sameer emotionally blackmailed her to meet him. But Gaiti didn’t and now she has sown the thorns for herself in her own life.


Zafar and his mother are also cooking something secretly. He has apologized to Iqbal and has begged him to trust him again in the office matters. Gaiti meets her cousin Neelum after ages and Gaiti’s parents are now planning that they will invite Badar’s family to their house for a proper reception. On the other hand Rania’s aunt asks her hand for Jamshed on Jamshed’s persistence as he has some deadly plotting in his mind. Furthermore when Badar argues against this proposal Jamshed shows Badar’s mother and sisters the video of Gaiti’s meeting with Sameer and now, they’re all in a fix.

What will happen and how will things end for Gaiti and Badar is what we can’t wait to find out. Hira Mani has impressed as Gaiti and so have Affan Waheed and Haris Waheed as Zafar. Haroon Shahid’s character and his portrayal of it have been mediocre in the entire drama and we’re sure, the last episode isn’t going to bring anything surprising for him for sure.


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