Do Bol Episodes 3 & 4 Review: For Badar all is fair in love!

Do Bol kicked off last week on ARY Digital and has managed to grab our attention. What we like about this drama is the fact that it brings across a different story. Although there are a few things which we thing might need attention, the overall affect for Do Bol is entertaining.

This week’s episodes have shown major development in the story. The intense love triangle is getting more and more interesting and it seems Badar is now after Gaiti, he wants her by hook or crook. Sarwat Nazir has penned down an interesting love triangle and brilliantly direction by Syed Wajahat Hussain ensure actors are giving their best, especially Hira Mani, Haroon Shahid and Affan Waheed.

Gaiti’s father is resolute that he will soon marry her off to Zafar. Although Zafar’s mother is not happy with the proposal but she does not say no to her brother. Zafar is more than happy and now he feels like it is his birth right to harass Gaiti whenever he feels like. There is a scene where Gaiti tries to confront him and he tightly grabs her wrist. It is Badar who snubs Zafar for doing that and despite of Zafar’s anger Badar reacts very strongly and clears that it is his responsibility to protect the family’s honor too.

As for Badar all is fair in love. He now wants to get Gaiti by hook or crook. He tries to deceive Sameer by saying that Gaiti has a shallow character. Claiming to love her and resorting to bad mouth her so that nobody else is interested in her, Badar has turned out to be such a detestable character because he wants her for himself and tarnishing her image in front of Sameer he is ensuring his friend is no longer interested in her.

Sameer is an ideal person for Gaiti, a perfect match for her. But Badar, instead of helping his good friend is being really mean and selfish whereas on the other hand Sameer’s love for Gaiti is pure and sincere. They both love Gaiti since their childhood but their approach towards getting love is entirely different.

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Gaiti’s Fareeha phupo coincidentally overhears Sameer and Gaiti’s romantic conversation where Sameer is professing his pure and innocent love for Gaiti telling her that he had loved her since her childhood. Well anybody having a kind heart would have melted by hearing such conversation but phupo, like the rest of the family, is resolute that she will never let this happen in her house. Sameer’s mother has already refused to help Sameer by saying that Gaiti’s engagement is fixed with her cousin so now how can she ask for his proposal? Further Fareeha tries to deceive Sameer’s mother by telling that Gaiti is a bit spoiled.

Sameer makes up his mind that he will bring Gaiti out of this trouble and he will never let her marriage with Zafar happen. On the other hand Zafar’s mother is thinking of grabbing poor Gaiti’s property by demanding to her brother that he should have named her property after Zafar so as it will keep Gaiti shackled and she will not leave Zafar like her mother left him! Although Sameer wants to talk to Gaiti’s father but she has refused him and he now wants to elope? Will Gaiti take such a huge step for Sameer and turn her dad’s fears true? We wait for the next episode of Do Bol to find out.

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Rameeza Nasim

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