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Do Bol Episodes 9 & 10 Review: Has Gaiti developed a soft corner for Badar?

For whatever story it is trying to bring across, a love story between a forced marriage couple or something entirely different, Do Bol stands out with some fine performances from Affan Waheed and Hira Mani specifically. The two share an amazing on screen chemistry, which crackles on the screen.  Sarwat Nazir’s story and brilliant direction by Syed Wajahat Hussain stands out in Do Bol, as it becomes a sweet, simple drama one can easily enjoy.

Badar and Gaiti are a mismatched couple. Despite Badar’s efforts to give Gaiti a better life and a chance at this relationship, he can clearly see that she is not happy with him. Gaiti still considers herself above Badar and perhaps this is why she cannot imagine the closeness Badar wants so desperately. However, we saw Gaiti’s heart thawing a bit when the two spend some time together looking for Jahan Ara. Badar does share his feeling with Gaiti despite she not wanting to listen, but there’s at least a change in her reaction that might bring the two closer, if they stay together, that is.


Gaiti and Badar who go on to Karachi to meet her mother, who happens to be out of town. Gaiti insists Badar leave her there and go. However, her mother’s servant is not ready to keep Gaiti so she is alone on street where she is  harassed and only saved because of Badar’s timely intervention.


It seems like Badar’s arrival and rescuing her from that loafers has created some kind of feelings for Badar in Gaiti’s heart and she is bit softened. At Gaiti’s place we see that her father is deeply saddened as he sees Gaiti with Badar on road looking for a ride. Gaiti’s father pretends that he has no feelings for her but deep inside he is really disturbed. Then there is another issue going in their house. Bari Phupo has stopped Neelum for attending any college just because she fears that she might follow Gaiti’s footsteps but her mother is on her side and will fight for her rights.


Badar books a hotel room much bigger than his pocket allows for a night so that he can help out Gaiti. And when Gaiti looks after a feverish Badar through the night, only to snub him in the morning when he wakes up, it seems, she definitely has developed a soft corner in her heart, which she will not yet show to Badar, until she realizes who he really is.

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