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Dobara Episode-10 Review: Mehrunissa gets two proposals on her birthday but who will she choose?

Mahir and Mehru both were surprised to know that they both have birthdays on the same day.

Dobara Episode-10 ReviewDobara Episode-10 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the Hum TV drama serial with its progressive approach is one of our most favorite prime-time watches. Bilal Abbas and Hadiqa Kiani have given impeccable performances in the play. In the previous episode, we have seen that how Mehru has helped Mahir in his difficult time when his own parents have abandoned him. In this episode Mehrunissa is getting two proposals on her birthday, Mahir has proposed to Mehru on his birthday.

Mehrunissa and Mahir both share birthdays too along with some other common interests. Mehru was sad on her birthday as her children have no time for her. Phupho is being a real schemer here she tells Ibtisaam to take Mehru out for a dinner and she also insists to propose her at the same dinner. Well, Mehru has left for the hospital to visit Mahir before Ibtisaam catches her.

Mehru, first of all, goes to a flower shop and buys a bouquet and then she buys a cake and she visits Mahir but before that Narmeen coincidentally comes into his room she has to visit someone and mistakenly enters into his room. Narmeen talks very bitterly with him and taunts him that she is very happy with Zamaan as he has both money and respect for her.

Mehru sees Narmeen but then Mahir tells her that she has mistakenly entered his room, he tells Mehru that even his parents have not wished him on his birthday. They both were surprised to know that they both share birthdays on the same day. Mahir and Mehru both cut the cake and then out of nowhere Mahir proposes Mehru saying that he loves her and he wants to marry her. Mehru’s reaction to this proposal is so realistic. She feels disgusted at the thought of it thinking that Mahir is looking for a sugar mummy sort of woman in her. Well, does Mahir really love Mehru as he claims or he is just taking his friend’s advice seriously?

Well, Mehru’s confusion has not ended here, Ibtisaam takes her to the dinner and there he very artfully proposes Mehru. She is clearly feeling uncomfortable but she has certainly not insulted him the way she has insulted Mahir. Even on her way back home she is continuously thinking about Mahir and the moments they have spent together. Well, we are wondering who Mehru will say yes to? She clearly has a choice and Mahir seems a more desirable choice.

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