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Dobara Episode-13 Review: Mehru and Mahir are nikkahfied!

Dobara the HUM TV drama serial is a progressive story that is shaking societal so-called standards and norms. Bilal Abbas and Hadiqa Kiani’s power-packed performances are what make this play our favorite but this episode truly belongs to the legendary Javaid Shaikh. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mehru has made up her mind to marry Ibtisaam. In the episode we have seen that Mehru is not truly happy with this decision, her heart beats for Mahir.

Mehru has decided to marry Ibtisaam by taking such a big stand with his family. Affan’s marriage goes smoothly and Affan shares nothing with Sehar about his mother’s wedding plans. Sehar has started showing her true colors, she tells Affan that they are going to Europe on honeymoon the very next day and after returning she does not want to see unwanted people in the house.

Affan is such an obedient husband that on the next day at breakfast table Affan looking at her phupho bluntly says that those who have stayed at their house for so long should go back to their house. Mehru has taken such a big stand but she is not truly happy with this decision, her heart still beats for Mahir but she knows that the world will not accept their relationship.

Ibtsiaam takes Mehrunnisa shopping and on their way back they get mugged by snatchers. Ibtisaam resists on which he gets injured, Mahir is watching all this from the other side of the road. Mahir comes and beats the hell out of that snatcher and helps Mehru in taking Ibtisaam to the hospital. There when Ibtisaam is sleeping in the room Mahir questions Mehru that is she happy by marrying such an old man as she deserves much better than him in her life. Ibtisaam hears all their conversation.

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Ibtisaam is not a negative person like Phupho. He thinks that he is not suitable for Mehru, Mehru deserves a brave heart like Mahir. He is such a gem of a person that he talks directly with Mehru telling her that she should forget about his proposal and she should now follow her heart. Ibtisaam tells Mehru that she should not worry about the world. After Affan went for his honeymoon, Ibtisaam tells Mehru that it is high time she should get nikkahfied with Mahir. Ibtisaam talks with Mahir and they get Nikkahfied in the mosque. Mehrunissa returns home shocking everyone by telling them about her and Mahir’s Nikkah.

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