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Dobara Episode-22 Review: Despite Mahir’s over smartness, we are still rooting for him!

Mahir takes a stand for his househelp against harrasement

Dobara Episode-22 ReviewDobara Episode-22 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the drama serial airing at Hum TV is 22 episodes down. We came to know that Mahir’s character got layers and he is genuinely a good person. Mahir got his redeeming factors. In the previous episode, we have that Mahir is playing his cards really well and he is trying to outsmart Affan and Sahar.

Mahir has outsmarted Affan in the office by his clever moves. Staff is now also on Affan’s side and Mehru’s old employee is also praising Mahir’s dedication and brilliance in the business which is making Affan mad. Even Fareed Sahab is impressed with Mahir’s honesty and brilliance and he is openly praising him he even tries to convince Affan to accept him.

Jahangir Sahab’s annoying wife is doubting her husband. She is so insecure that she called on Meherunnisa’s number, well one wonders why Jahangir Sahab is hiding Meherunnisa’s reality from her? Meherunissa happens to be an angel for Jahanghir she pays all the hospital bills and saves his life despite his annoying wife’s stupid questioning. Mahir’s sister is also cunning like her mother she tells her mother to be nice to Meherunissa as it will be beneficial for them in the future.

Phupho is not coming slow she is making vile plans to throw Mahir out of the house. She is insisting Sahar accuse Mahir of harassing her as it is a way through which they can create doubt in Meherunissa’s mind. Sahar gets convinced and she is ready to tarnish Mahir’s character in front of Meherunissa. Zameer on the other hand is shown to be a really mean person the way he tries to belittle his wife on her newly started online card business and then he straight away demands a hefty amount of money from her telling her to ask it from her mother along with making fun of her mother’s new husband. It all looks so mean!

Mahir’s character has many layers but genuinely he is a good guy, it is the treatment that makes him the way he is. The way Mahir is protective towards his house help calling her his sister speaks volumes about his goodness. The way he snubs the driver is also brilliant. It seems that Phupho going to add this driver too in her league against Mahir and that house help girl is surely going to be on Mahir’s side and maybe she is the one who will ensure Mehru about Mahir’s spotless character. Despite Mahir’s over smartness, we are still rooting for him!


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