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Dobara Episode-24 Review: Mehru takes back the office charge from Mahir!

Shaano is back in town!

Dobara Episode-24 ReviewDobara Episode-24 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Dobara is 24 episodes down and it is getting more and more engaging. Performances are simply incredible. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sahar wrongly accuses Mahir of sexually harassing her. Mehru has left with no choice but to believe the victim. In this episode, Mehru has taken back the office charge from Mehru and appoints Affan in his place. Shaano is back in town and she will definitely do something to bring back her Mahir Bhai.

Mehru is torn between a dilemma she cannot abjure the accusation her daughter-in-law is putting on Mahir nor she can leave the love of her life Mahir, the guy who has given her the true meaning of love. Mehru takes a foolish step of taking back the office charge from Mahir and appointing Affan in his place who has zero knowledge about business, she is risking her entire business.

Then we have seen Mehru sharing a secret of her late husband’s lady love with Affan, his love of life, and her first wife who was a foreigner. Besides oppression, Mehru has also faced her husband’s coldness and deprivation of love as he always loved his first wife and he is so selfish and means that he used to share with Mehru her letters. Affan is shocked and hurt, he has feeling remorse over his behavior toward his mother.

Mahir is deeply missing Mehru, for the very first time he has realized that he truly loves her. Mahir’s stepmother calls Mahir and shares with him how Mehru has helped his ailing father and how she bears all the hospital expenses. Mehru’s values and respect have increased in his heart but on the other hand, he starts mistrusting his father as an opportunist. He goes to meet his father and he misbehaves with him calling him an opportunist who is eyeing his daughter-in-law’s money on which he gets a hard slap on his face and also advice that never ever think of betraying his wife. Mahir feels guilty, he apologizes and assures his father that he is never going to betray Mehru.

Phupho has lifted the game so well, she is playing her cards very cunningly. Shaano is back in town, Aslam opens the gate and shoos her away from the house saying that she has lost her job as a house help has been hired in her place. Shaano takes a very wise step, she goes straight to Mehru’s friend Nayyara’s house and there she opens up with her all about what had happened with Mahir in the house. Nayyara and Shaano will definitely figure out some way to bring back Mahir.

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