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Dobara Episode-27 Review: Mahir’s mother is back in the scene

Mahir's step mother gets a reality check by Minaal

Dobara Episode-27 ReviewDobara Episode-27 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

HUM TV drama serial Dobara is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch with its unique narrative. Performances are top-notch particularly Bilal Abbas and Hadiqa Kiani have given their best. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahir is back in the office and his life with Mehro is back on track. In this episode, we see Mahir’s mother’s entry back into the scene.

Minaal gives Mahir’s stepmother the deserved reality check, however for a woman like her this sudden change of heart seems a bit unreal how come all of a sudden her greed for money vanishes when Minaal shows her the mirror? Minaal’s stepmother’s transformation is what makes us feel that this play is moving towards its conclusion.

As we have seen earlier Mahir’s mother is back in the country. She through her husband gets to know about Mahir’s marriage with Mehro. Her reaction is real and justified but her going to Jahanghir’s house and asking him to convince Mahir makes us wonder after what she has done with Mahir she still has the audacity to claim her rights on him? Secondly, the fact is that Mahir has married that woman now her reaction and struggle to convince Mahir does not make any sense at all.

Zameer is showing his true colors to Minaal. Minaal makes the wrong decision to stand for her husband and she fights with her own mother and regrets arguing about the money with her mother. Zameer maybe not a that bad person but it is his brother who keeps nudging him to ask for money from his in-laws when Zameer fails to get the money, he keeps putting in his head the idea of marrying another woman who also has a strong background. Zameer is reluctant to accept the idea of looking for another woman he loves Minaal but then one wonders why he accepts his brother’s dinner invitation?

Minaal and Zameer’s scene is a powerful one where Zameer is expressing his desperation over not getting the money but then when Minaal questions him if is money more important than their relationship? This question melts his heart towards Minaal he assures her that he truly loves her but he needs money which is why he asked for it. Although he meets Nadia who by his brother’s trick is all alone so technically he is having a date with Nadia but she appears to be a very reasonable woman she herself is not interested in marrying Zameer. Zameer too is being a little reserved with her but his bad luck is that Mahir and Mehru catch him sitting with Nadia in the restaurant.

It seems like we will soon see the drop scene of Mehru’s second child.

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