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Dobara Episode-29 Review: Mahir path crosses with his ex-flame

Hum TV’s drama serial Dobara is a progressive take on marriage and it has quite an unconventional narrative. Performances are on point, particularly Bilal Abbas is simply brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen Mahir’s mother adding bitterness into Mehru’s life. In this episode, Mahir comes across his ex-flame, his first love Naveen.

Mahir warns his mother not to interfere in his and Mehru’s matters. On his way back he comes across his mother’s husband who taunts him for marrying a rich woman on which he gets a befitting reply saying that at least he is not like the one who married a middle-class someone else’s wife. Later he tells him that his company is going to merge with his and he will be the CEO. It seems that Karma has hit Mahir’s mother’s husband but he is opportunist enough to accept Mahir happily.

Mahir as his name suggests is Mahir an expert on everything. His intentions are good so it seems that luck is also at his side. Mahir fixes Minaal and Zameer’s matter so smoothly. He coincidentally meets Nadia and he shares his concerns with her she clears her position by telling him that she is not interested in marrying Zameer at all.

Zameer meets Mahir and he gets convinced so easily settling just over heading a project. Zameer tells Mahir that he truly loves his wife and he will never betray her. Minaal also gets that box of letters and photographs of her father’s first wife and her heart just turns towards her mother. She whole heartily accepts Mahir. Mahir has solved all problems of Mehru and it seems like the play is moving towards its conclusion but no little does Mahir know that there is a storm waiting to come for him.

Mahir’s ex-flame Naveen gets appointed to his company and Mahir sees her there in his office. She is his first love, he used to be so passionate about her that her single glimpse has turned Mahir’s life upside down. Mehru has faded in front of his eyes. Mehru is discussing her concerns and fears about Mahir and her future with her friend Nayyara. She tells Nayyara that if Mahir will decide to leave her at a point she will happily let him go as he has already given her so much happiness. One wonders is really meant that? Is she really going to let Mahir go to Naveen?

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