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Dobara Episode-7 Review: Mehru has finally surrendered as a mother

Dobara the drama serial airing on Hum TV is a progressive story which we are really loving. Power-packed performances by the lead cast make the play more interesting, Hadiqa Kianai and Bilal Abbas’s onscreen chemistry looks amazing. In the previous episode, Mehru was resolute not to let anyone comes in her way but in the latest, Mehru has surrendered in front of Affan as a mother.

Mehru is really upset about Affan’s behavior with her. Affan is really mad at her for dancing in his engagement with Mahir. Although Mehru has given a shut-up call to Affan deep inside she is hurt by her son’s attitude. Mehru’s heart is also getting attracted towards Mahir, she has really enjoyed the evening he is someone with whom Mehru feels herself younger.

Phupho is also feeding Affan’s mind against his mother. The only good character is the daughter’s character who is fully supporting her mother and she is also telling his brother to trust the mother but Phupho knows how to handle Affan. Mahir calls Mehru and she shares with him how her loved ones are not happy because she wants to be happy. Mehru raises a valid point that why a widow has no right to live a happy and colorful life? she does have a life of her own too. Mehru shares with Mahir her lost dreams and about her lost childhood.

Mahir gets to know about Narmeen’s getting married to Zamaan, he loses his heart and was crying at the court when Mehru catches her crying and she asks him the reason. Well to our surprise Mahir’s so-called stepfather who has never taken any of his responsibility has seen Mahir with Mehrunnisa and he also has a great issue with it. He conveys it to Mahir’s mother and she calls his father and they had that toxic conversation well none of them is taking any responsibility for Mahir but everyone has an issue with him being friends with an elderly woman.

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Mehru’s driver gets an emergency in his house so he leaves Mehru at the tennis court. Mehru is worried that how will she reach home as she does not know how to drive. Mahir fulfills another dream of Mehru, he teaches her how to drive and as he drives her back to the home where Affan is ready to welcome them with his insults. Affan clearly tells Mahir that he does not want to see him near her mother anymore or he will leave the house. Poor Mehru is left with no choice but to surrender as a mother, she has to give up her dreams once again. Who says Mehru is liberated? She is shackled as a mother!


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Rameeza Nasim

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