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Dobara Episode-8 Review: Mehru is the only one who helps Mahir in his hard time

Mahir met a road accident

Dobara Episode-8 ReviewDobara Episode-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the HUM TV drama serial is already making waves in the audiences with its progressive storyline. The play is packed with incredible performances. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mehru had to surrender as a mother in front of her son’s wish and she has to give up her dreams. In this episode, Mahir met a road accident and it is only Mehru who agrees to help him in this difficult time when his parents have abandoned him.

Mehru agrees to forgive her dreams and wishes for her son, she has surrendered as a mother. She has told Affan that she will not meet Mahir again. Mahir too thinking that he is not going to meet Mehru for her family’s sake. It is so sad to see two people or let’s say friends avoiding each other just to keep their loved ones happy.

There is an introduction of a new character Ibtishaam played by legendary Jawaid Shaikh. He is planted by Phupho, he is her brother in law and she is thinking of making a match of Mehru with him so that they do not have to lose the property. Phupho is a real shrewd character. Well, it seems that Affan is not happy to see him too.

Ibtishaam is trying hard to impress Mehru. The poor soul has to jog early in the morning and he cant jog for even 5 minutes gets exhausted. Mahir’s parents are extremely worried about his affiliation with Begum Hidayatullah one wonders how can they claim their right on him when they have abandoned him? Mahir out of anger and persistence tells his parents that he is marrying Mehru and that he damn care about their honor as they are least concerned about him. Mahir’s attitude is completely justified. On his way back poor Mahir gets hit by a car and gets severely injured as told by the nurses but according to the accident scene shown it does not seem that severe.

Mahir’s parents are the worst parents I have ever seen, particularly his mother, she is simply pathetic. How can a mother abandon her child knowing that he has met an accident, his father has not known that he is in the hospital? Mahir’s poor friend has left with no choice but to call Mehru and seek her help. It is Mehru only who helps Mahir in such a difficult time when his own blood relatives, his own parents have literally abandoned him.

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